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The Angels are more guarded, but as spring training unfolds, Izturis' chances of breaking camp with the club seem to increase.
Brainerd's description of battle is complemented by vivid description of the army as a mass of men, animals, and equipment breaking camp and on the march.
Her poetry collections include Breaking Camp (1968), Hard Loving (1969), To Be of Use (1973), Living in the Open (1976), The Twelve Spoke Wheel Flashing (1978), The Moon is Always Female (1980), Circles on the Water: Selected Poems (1982), and Stone, Paper, Knife (1983).
Craig Farley and Lee Combs, both of Springfield, were breaking camp Sunday morning after a three-day camping trip to Black Canyon.
The Angels survived six weeks of spring training in Arizona, breaking camp Thursday with only one noteworthy injury - reliever Brendan Donnelly's broken nose.
In fact, staff who are always in high spirits can ignore serious issues because they're trying to make their campers happy at any cost--even if that means breaking camp rules, such as sneaking in candy or violating taps.
The next, he bursts into uncontrollable four-letter rages during press conferences as he did on Wednesday - and is also rumoured to be breaking camp and hitting the town.