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While addressing a crowded press conference of National Trade Union Federation (NTUF) at the Karachi Press Club (KPC) here Wednesday, they said the continuous mishaps in ship breaking sector show that the sitting government and owners of ship breaking yards are not serious in implementing and following the relevant laws.
Ethan Skinner, aged 11 of Merthyr, gold in forms, silver in sparring and silver in breaking. Joshua Skinner, aged 9, gold sparring, gold forms & bronze in breaking.
Previously breaking down, breaking loose, breaking through, even breaking wind (in public) was a rare occurrence in my life, now breaking news would not allow me to concentrate on anything else; for instance, confronting a nagging better half in the bedroom, or dealing with kids in the lounge, or even sitting alone in the lavatory in a serious mood.
The power breaking seminar helped Personal Mastery Martial Arts students prepare for some of the breaking divisions in the tournament.
The 911 call audio of Bryan Cranston reporting his car was broken into and the season five "Breaking Bad" script was stolen was released online, proving Heisenberg really doesn't falter under pressure.
Importantly, failure to serve a notice in accordance with any time limits is normally fatal to any attempt at breaking a lease.
By breaking at the inactive layer, accurate dose splitting can be guaranteed, since the active layer remains undisturbed.
Whenever I hear about a thrower who has a curve ball (or any other breaking pitch), I will discover that the pitch is actually a fastball that goes inside, outside, up, or down!
But breaking down cellulose into sugar molecules is a key step in making ethanol from the nearly 430 million tons of plant waste produced on farmland every year.
The President was blunt, so I will be blunt: This program is breaking the law, and this President is breaking the law.
Disintegration processes are also an important part of the human realm--for instance, the smashing of windows, the pulverizing of ore, and the deadly detonations of bombs, as well as the benign breaking of spaghetti.
Time travel was once considered only the realm of science fiction: in Breaking The Time Barrier, Jenny Randles reveals recent experiments which are showing the time barrier may indeed be broken.
Scrapping or breaking up ships is a labor-intensive business that for cost reasons is often carried out in Asia with little or no regard for the environment or worker safety.