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When a wind-driven, breaking wave crashes at sea, it traps large volumes of air, which quickly break up into tiny bubbles, perhaps only tens of microns in diameter.
hitter), the pitcher can double up by going in off the plate and then wrapping a breaking ball around the hitter's back foot.
This method is based on special illumination, breaking tests, and an analysis of rupture lines.
He's wrong about that though - Breaking the Waves isn't on the verge, it's jumped, laughing and crying, right over that edge.
The data in figure 14 show the breaking stress [([sigma].
The catcher, before releasing the ball to 2nd base or back to the pitcher, must always take a peek at the runner on 3rd to check his lead and make sure hie is not breaking for home.
ACCU-BREAK(TM) tablets are designed for maximal dose accuracy when split, as well as for ease of breaking and to provide an optimal dosage for the millions of patients who split the tablets.
Williams took control of the set by breaking Seles after winning four consecutive points, accentuated by a perfect forehand volley to force triple-break point.
NEW YORK -- Reprise Media today unveiled FeedCast, a new patent-pending product that automates the process of building and implementing search engine marketing programs for breaking content.
Suspected of breaking windows at an elderly woman's home after ringing the doorbell while she was in the shower, Thomas Carter was arrested after he burst into a Desert Christian classroom but was confronted by the teacher, deputies said.
Every criminal apprehension is important to Sonitrol, but the security company is especially proud of the capture of two people caught breaking into the Santee Elementary School in San Jose, Calif.
Pasadena hit 106, breaking its 104-degree record set in 1996.
A ground breaking, inspirational event will debut, "Fun in the SON" - Gospel Spring Break
Yes,'' hissed Novotna, who then expanded her hold on the match by breaking Tauziat in the first game of the second set.