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The power breaking seminar helped Personal Mastery Martial Arts students prepare for some of the breaking divisions in the tournament.
Velocity is very important in breaking balls, but the faster the ball spins the better your ball will break and it will break later.
Enzymes are costly to make, and current methods for breaking down cellulose require a lot of energy.
Because he was collaborating with some colleagues who had an interest in fragmentation, says Belmonte, "I was inspired to think about breaking things.
Normally, these weak points are small and do not represent an risk of the sheet breaking at normal tensions.
Neither had I, until I took a look at Masterpiece Theatre's Breaking the Code.
The larger the flaw, the more it reduces tensile strength and breaking elongation.
Breaking in the shank and box, whether under a hair dryer or through more conventional methods, is also important.
2 : something produced by breaking <a bad break in the leg>
To run a breaking offense effectively, players need to buy into two principles that make a fast break work.
Breaking waves and rainfall splattering the ocean surface create vast numbers of invisible, microscopic bubbles.
The action of the vibrating deck is usually to impart about 900-1800 impacts a minute to the flask and mold while breaking down the sand compact.