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He had told the breakfasters that negative language was destroying the civil conversation.
In a massive understatement, reader Dianna Hess of Boulder, Colorado, cautions breakfasters, "You'd better be hungry
The 'Largest Cereal Breakfast Attendance' will take place from 8am-10am, during which breakfasters will be served with a bowl of Corn Flakes.
Failing that, a naturally sweet banana-based smoothie with berries, milk and yoghurt should be a sure-fire choice for reluctant breakfasters.
The full array of breakfast offerings on the hot bar is also unique to Giant Eagle Express as the only store in the company to court breakfasters with a restaurant-quality menu.
An extra piece of toast wouldn't have gone amiss either,but hungry breakfasters can order more for a measly 30p.
Breakfasters at the windowed Poppy Room of the Chateau Lake Louise watch the play of light and shadows while sorting through the day's list of possible pursuits: ice skating, dog sledding, Bavarian curling, tobogganing, or a horse-drawn sleigh ride.
But despite the health benefits, most people in Britain go without breakfast on an average of 113 days each year, making us the worst breakfasters in Europe.