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Later that afternoon I saw some of my fellow breakfasters sunning themselves in one of the beautiful fourteenth century Romanesque squares, still in their Ireland jerseys and absolutely skulled with the drink.
But whatever you plan to order, arrive early as breakfasters flock to this little local place.
Men of the parish, aprons wrapped around their girth, jimmied their way between packed rows of breakfasters, dishing out second helpings of sausage and steaming hotcakes onto outstretched plates.
But even Neil excelled himself the other day in the team-hotel diner when he obliged - and delighted - early breakfasters and staff by going through his elaborate place-kicking routine with an orange for a ball!
After watching fellow breakfasters press down on the handle of an orange juice dispenser and seeing orange juice dispensed into their paper cups, I finally found the nerve to walk boldly up, position my cup, and cockily press down on the handle.
He had told the breakfasters that negative language was destroying the civil conversation.
In a massive understatement, reader Dianna Hess of Boulder, Colorado, cautions breakfasters, "You'd better be hungry!" Belisle's is at 12001 Harbor Boulevard; (714) 750-6560.
The 'Largest Cereal Breakfast Attendance' will take place from 8am-10am, during which breakfasters will be served with a bowl of Corn Flakes.
Failing that, a naturally sweet banana-based smoothie with berries, milk and yoghurt should be a sure-fire choice for reluctant breakfasters.
"We're the only store in the company that offers this recipe," he reveals, adding that "once you try one, you won't be able to eat a muffin anywhere else." The full array of breakfast offerings on the hot bar is also unique to Giant Eagle Express as the only store in the company to court breakfasters with a restaurant-quality menu.It goes without saying that the store really jumps at traditional mealtimes, which Zivek says is particularly satisfying.
An extra piece of toast wouldn't have gone amiss either,but hungry breakfasters can order more for a measly 30p.
Breakfasters at the windowed Poppy Room of the Chateau Lake Louise watch the play of light and shadows while sorting through the day's list of possible pursuits: ice skating, dog sledding, Bavarian curling, tobogganing, or a horse-drawn sleigh ride.