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Blest with an excellent morning appetite - the delightful heritage of a clean life - he enjoyed his breakfast and thoroughly appreciated his cook's efforts.
"It was a tempting morning for a ride before breakfast," said Arthur; "and I used to like breakfasting with you so when I was reading with you.
"The breakfast for these gentlemen is ready," said the host.
Lieutenant Godfrey was already attacking his breakfast. Gerald leaned towards him eagerly.
As he opened the hall door the vile smell of chemicals which had spoilt his breakfast met him with a redoubled virulence.
'Thank God for a good breakfast,' said Squeers, when he had finished.
There is no way of distinguishing, in words, between a memory and an assent to a proposition about the past: "I ate my breakfast" and "Caesar conquered Gaul" have the same verbal form, though (assuming that I remember my breakfast) they express occurrences which are psychologically very different.
"You only breakfast; I await two persons, and the instant they arrive we shall sit down to table."
"Breakfast is served, dear," she said, "and I am hungry.
"I b'lieve, Billina," she said, "I'll have a look 'round, and see if I can find some breakfast."
"You shall all go and help me, and when we come back we will have bread and milk for breakfast, and make it up at dinnertime."
When Colin was on his sofa and the breakfast for two was put upon the table he made an announcement to the nurse in his most Rajah-like manner.
Crisparkle and the Reverend Septimus as they sat at breakfast.
"This is the last meal I shall have to cook for some time, for right after breakfast Dr.
Seeing Emily alone in the garden before breakfast, he left his room and joined her.