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A specific issue or thing that will cause an agreement, deal, or relationship to fail or be terminated. He told me he never wanted to have kids, which is a dealbreaker for me, so we decided to end the relationship then and there. The insurgency's insistence on maintaining a political presence was a dealbreaker for the truce negotiations.

a ball-breaker

Someone who deliberately gives others a hard time, is very demanding, or is insulting. Can be considered vulgar slang. John's boss, Mark, is quite the ball-breaker. After completing the project ahead of time and under budget, Mark ordered John to work through the weekend to finish up other meaningless tasks.


and ball-buster
1. n. a difficult task; a difficult or trying situation requiring extremely hard work or effort. (Usually objectionable.) That whole construction job was a real ball-breaker. Why should moving furniture end up being such a ball-buster?
2. n. a hard taskmaster; a hard-to-please boss. (Usually objectionable.) Tom gets a day’s work for a day’s pay out of his men, but he’s no ball-breaker. My boss is a ball-buster, but he pays well.
3. n. a female who is threatening to males. (Usually objectionable.) Mrs. Samuels has a terrible reputation as a “ball-breaker.” Wholly deserved, I might add.


1. n. a break dancer. (Break dancing is a rhythmic and energetic impromptu performance usually done by untrained urban youths.) He is one of the best breakers in the city.
2. n. someone attempting to use a citizens band radio channel. There’s a breaker trying to use this channel. Let’s drop down to eleven.
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Worn components on hydraulic breakers can lead to expensive equipment failures if they aren't addressed in a timely manner.
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Product sizes may be varied by changing rotor speed and the clearances between rotor breaker bars (also called blow bars or hammers) and apron breaker plates.
The heavy-range hydraulic breakers were recently redesigned to extend service life and reduce operating costs.
Partial list of tables and figures provided in this hydraulic breaker market report include:
Far too often, these circuit breakers are found in the OFF position.
The ISE said the Automatic Circuit Breaker System is fully automated, objective and fair, works on a stock basis, considers the past data of each stock, is designed as a flexible structure, and brings about "an efficient and proactive attitude to surveillance.
Possible overheating circuit breakers (AQB-A402, AQB-LF402, and NQB-a402) may occur due to the absence of or excessive lock tight on the moving main contact assembly, interference of the moving main contact assembly with a molded "rib", or improper screws in the moving main contact assembly.
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A few days ago at night, a newcomer to the city travelling at a fairly high speed rammed his car into the rear of a car in front of him which had slowed down because of speed breaker.
At the other end of the Bobcat excavator and breaker ranges, the smallest HB280 breaker, previously only approved for use with its integrated fixing cap on the company's 316 micro-excavator, now has the modular fixing cap system used in the rest of the 80 series and, as a result, can be used not just on the 316, but also on the new E08 and E10 micro-excavators that have superseded the 316 model.
A good breaker is designed to protect its major components from any damage," says Rich Eliott, hydraulic applications manager for Atlas Copco Construction Tools LLC, Westfield, Mass.
Breaker, the chemical biologist at Yale University whose team gave riboswitches their name.
Most of the chapters in The Dew Breaker have been previously published in magazines and anthologies.
The company's cake breaker and feeder is designed for wet and dry cakes like filter press cakes and friable dry chunks.