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break (someone)

To completely destroy, defeat, or humiliate someone. Don't cross me, man, I will break you. That upstart company thinks it can challenge our hold in the market? We'll just have to break them, without mercy.
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a chance; another chance or a second chance. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone ~.) I'm sorry. Please don't send me to the principal's office. Give me a break! I got a nice break. They didn't send me to prison.

break (up) (into something)

to divide into smaller parts. The glass broke up into a thousand pieces. It hit the floor and broke up, flinging bits everywhere.
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1. n. a chance; an opportunity. Come on, give me a break!
2. n. an escape from prison; a prison breakout. I hear there’s a break planned for tonight.
3. in. [for a news story] to unfold rapidly. (Journalism.) As the story continues to break, we will bring you the latest.
4. n. a solo played when the rest of the band stops. This is your break, Andy. Let’s hear it, man.
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1. To fall into disorder, as a formation of soldiers.
2. To fail to conform to a prevailing or expected pattern or order: "Architectural experts have criticized the plaza in the past because it breaks rank with the distinctive façades of neighboring Fifth Avenue blocks, whose buildings are flush with the sidewalk" (Sharon Churcher).
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References in classic literature ?
Then feed us and break us and handle and groom, And give us good riders and plenty of room, And launch us in column of squadron and see The way of the war-horse to "Bonnie Dundee"!
MacKenzie said:"People outwith the camp might not have thought it would be close but I said before the game, that the way we had been playing and set up, that teams would find it hard to break us down.
Brexit could break us. I can't believe David John doesn't know his left from his right.
"Denmark were probably waiting to break us down and score.
Our commitment to anti-fascism, peace and freedom will always be the dominant force over any incoming attempts to break us up with fascism and nationalism.
"The players worked exceptionally hard and made it hard for Aldershot to break us down so it's a very good three points for us.
"We were good for 20 minutes or so, Celtic struggled to break us down.
We come together, today, to recall this timeless truth: when America is united, no force on Earth can break us apart.
'The more Barisan Nasional tries to break us up and finish us, the more united we will be.
Some 19 countries and more than 800 art enthusiasts and media experts took part in the gala, Ibrahim Abu Thekri, head of the Union of Arab Producers and president of the Mondial said in remarks at the conclusion of the event, which kicked off last Tuesday under the slogan "Terror will not break us".
"Don't let Brexit break us and there is a need for us to ensure those who seek to divide us don't succeed," the Archdruid added.
Lashing out at BJP president Amit Shah, Tejashwi further stated that the former is trying all means to break us and it will not happen.
'We wanted the kids to have the mindset that this game will either make or break us. That's the motivation I wanted to give my team.'
"We made a decision that it's going to test us, but it's never going to break us."