break to

break (something) to (someone)

To reveal information, often that which is bad or upsetting. Who is going to break the news of the accident to Millie? Your mother is going to be furious if she learns of our engagement from someone else—you have to break it to her first!
See also: break

break something to someone

to disclose some news or information to someone. (Often said of unpleasant news.) I hate to be the one to break this to you, but there is trouble at home. We broke the bad news to Ken gently.
See also: break
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At first, I said there was no way I was going to give up my last spring break to come here.
Being a big proponent of the "Kansas" secondary break, we designed our press break to be run out of that set.
On the final break to win the match, Agassi came back from 30-0 and won on a sharp-angled backhand volley.
Apex will also introduce efficiencies into Break Media's advertising business by enabling Break to work directly with its clients, and foster greater innovation in the development of new advertising products by allowing Break to develop custom ads, including non-standard formats.
If the catcher throws to 3rd base after faking to 2nd, the pitcher must break to the plate to back it up in case of a rundown.
This area experiences an earlier spring which causes bud break to occur earlier than in other California growing regions.
6 At 15 yards, break to middle (using speed cut if you're ahead of defender; stutter-step if he is with you) and come downhill slightly.