break to

break (something) to (someone)

To reveal information, often that which is bad or upsetting. Who is going to break the news of the accident to Millie? Your mother is going to be furious if she learns of our engagement from someone else—you have to break it to her first!
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break something to someone

to disclose some news or information to someone. (Often said of unpleasant news.) I hate to be the one to break this to you, but there is trouble at home. We broke the bad news to Ken gently.
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Clubs will not be allowed to use the break to go on money-making tours around the world, though, although they will be granted permission to attend warm weather training camps.
In terms of location, Scottish residents were the most likely to use their break to complete a personal task that had been distracting them or playing on their mind (54 per cent), followed by those living in Yorkshire (52 per cent)
A worker is also protected from suffering any detriment if s/he refuses to work through a rest period or break to which s/he is entitled.
He concluded that floods of dam break are more dangerous than natural floods of rivers even for small dams and emergency programming can limit a disastrous dam break to a limited disaster in view of human fatalities.
BANNING workers from using the internet for personal use could actually be hitting productivity because staff need a break to help reduce stress, according to a new report.
Whenever the QB demonstrates a 3-step drop, the corner must instantly recognize it, break to the ball, locate the receiver, read the route, and make the play.
A good corner must be able to stay low in a back pedal and when forced to turn his hips, he must be able to stop, plant and come out of the break to close on the receiver to make a play.
At first, I said there was no way I was going to give up my last spring break to come here.
A worker is protected from suffering any detriment if s/he refuses to work through a rest period or break to which s/he is entitled.
Being a big proponent of the "Kansas" secondary break, we designed our press break to be run out of that set.
Arrow (#1 receiver playside): Vertical release to 4 yards, plant inside foot, break to outside at 45-degree angle and work upfield to depth of 12 yards; plant inside foot, break to outside and come back to sideline at 45-degree angle.
Flat (fullback): Release through playside A gap; get to point 5 yards from LOS, plant inside foot and break to outside, working horizontal to LOS.
If the catcher throws to 3rd base after faking to 2nd, the pitcher must break to the plate to back it up in case of a rundown.
6 At 15 yards, break to middle (using speed cut if you're ahead of defender; stutter-step if he is with you) and come downhill slightly.