break stride

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break (one's) stride

To cease moving one's legs at a certain rhythm or pace. I had to break my stride to avoid the big branch in the middle of the path.
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break one's stride

to deviate from a rhythmic stride while walking, running, or marching. After I broke my stride, I never could pick up enough speed to win the race.
See also: break, stride
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Two moments of class made the difference, MCartney's inch perfect cross meant Byfield didn't need to break stride before heading home and Oster played a precision pass to Smith in the build-up to the second goal.
Irish midfielder O'Toole found Lucas in the left channel with a measured ball, and Lucas in turn fed Huckerby, who did not even have to break stride before slotting the ball beyond Knight.
His weight of pass is incredible, you never see a player having to break stride and that is an asset.
But the Wasps were really buzzing and Callaghan didn't even break stride as he sweetly finished off a slick counterattack in the 53rd minute.
Cardiff extended their lead through Dean Dewdney but the touchdown was conjured by Harris whose pinpoint cross-kick meant his right wing did not even have to break stride as the ball dropped perfectly into his arms.
Racing on to Josip Skoko's diagonal long ball, former England striker Heskey didn't break stride before firing left-footed inside Marcus Hahnemann's near post for his sixth of the season.
He fed Mahon who didn't break stride before crashing a left-foot drive across Sorensen.
He hit it first time, a cross so perfect Hernan Crespo did not have to break stride to thunder a header past Antonio Doblas.
They may have had a gallant heart but their football was inept, never forcing Arsenal to break stride, let alone sweat.
Montoya, who already has had a string of more bruising clashes with the older and more successful Schumacher to his credit, barely bothered to break stride when he learned of Ralfis comments yesterday.
Benarbia, after 28 minutes, ignored the left flank exertions of Danny Tiatto to slip a brilliant pass in to Wanchope's feet and the striker did not break stride to tuck his second away.
The little one-twos, always giving you a great ball and never having to break stride to take it.
The Belgian ranged forward and nodded Watson's cross into the path of the Colombian, who did not even break stride before volleying past Pressman.