break someone's balls

break (one's) balls

1. vulgar slang To exert oneself to the utmost degree; to put forth the maximum amount of effort or strain. "Balls" is slang for the testicles, so the phrase in every meaning is usually (but not solely) said of or by a man. I've been breaking my balls trying to get the new software ready by the release date. Don't break your balls getting over here, there's no rush.
2. vulgar slang To harass, harangue, or pressure one about something, especially for a lengthy period of time. The boss has been breaking our balls over the number of sales our department has made this quarter. I said I would get it done today. Quit breaking my balls!
3. vulgar slang To tease one; to give one a hard time. Aw, come on, dude, I was just breaking your balls. No need to get upset about it.
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break someone's balls

If a woman breaks a man's balls, she causes trouble for him and makes him lose his confidence. Behind the scenes, this sweet-faced girl was breaking his balls. Note: You can call a woman who behaves in this way a ball-breaker, and describe her behaviour as ball-breaking. Another professor described `Jane Eyre' as a novel written by one sex-starved ball-breaker about another. She worries that people think of her and Jen as ball-breaking, man-hating bitches. Note: These expressions are often used to refer critically to women who seem to enjoy destroying the sexual confidence of men. Note: In this expression, `balls' refers to a man's testicles.
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break someone’s balls

tv. to wreck or ruin someone; to overwork someone; to overwhelm someone. (Usually objectionable.) I’m gonna break your balls. You understand me?
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