break fall

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break (one's) fall

To interrupt, prevent, or soften one's fall, either physically or figuratively. She stumbled off the balcony, but luckily, a hedge below her broke her fall. Be careful not to alienate your friends as you climb to the top of the company, because if things don't work out, you'll have no one there to break your fall.
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break someone's fall

to cushion a falling person; to lessen the impact of a falling person. When the little boy fell out of the window, the bushes broke his fall. The old lady slipped on the ice, but a snowbank broke her fall.
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With a bellow of rage, Hordle John squeezed him limp in his huge arms; and then, picking him up, cast him down upon the floor with a force which might well have splintered a bone or two, had not the archer with the most perfect coolness clung to the other's forearms to break his fall. As it was, he dropped upon his feet and kept his balance, though it sent a jar through his frame which set every joint a-creaking.
He is back in action but Stoke bosses have ordered him to try and use his shoulder to break his fall when tackled.
"Fortunately for him, it seems in the same way that stuntmen use cardboard boxes to break their fall, he fell through a false ceiling which seemed to break his fall."
But the 53-year-old claimed he had stumbled and fallen towards officer Glen Walton and put his hand on his shoulder to break his fall.
d: ery 3 "He was saved by falling into deep snow and using ice axe to break his fall. ing his "He was conscious when we found him.
Falling into a crevasse, he would have put his hand down to break his fall, putting the arrow below him.
Simm, who scored two goals in Chester's 3-2 win at FC United on Saturday, slipped on wooden decking in the back garden of his home, and in an attempt to break his fall he sustained the break.
As he put his hand down to break his fall the glass stuck more than a centimetre into the middle of his palm.
While I have sympathy with whatever anguish brought him to this stage, the police appear to treat the human and financial costs this caused with contempt as surely the very simple and obvious answer to this or similar situations is merely to lay an extensive area of soft material - ie, large bean bags etc which would break his fall.
A fire service spokeswoman said: "It looks like the man stumbled and put his arms out to break his fall, but unfortunately landed on a gate post.
Unfortunately there don't appear to be any videos of the incident to be found, but still shots of Murray's crash to the Queen's turf reveal it was his youthfully stubborn refusal to even attempt to break his fall in any way that made it so special.
Fifteen months later he scaled a wall and jumped on to a waiting van complete with mattress to break his fall.
He slipped off the table and put his hand out to break his fall, but his hand was drawn into the machine.
He scraped his knees and when he put out his hands to break his fall, the beam of timber rolls down his bruised and bleeding back.
A club source said: "It helped break his fall - he was mortified to have bounced it about like that."