break for

break for (someone or something)

1. To pause a particular activity for a particular reason or time period with the intention to resume after the break. I know you have to finish this paper, but can you break for a bit and talk to your grandparents? I think we've done enough for now—let's break for lunch.
2. To start running toward a place or person. As soon as I opened the door, my cat made a break for it and ran out into the yard. When they open the store, let's break for the sale rack before everyone else gets there.
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break for something

1. to stop working for something else, such as lunch, coffee, etc. We should break now for lunch. I want to break for coffee.
2. to run suddenly toward something; to increase dramatically one's speed while running. At the last moment, the deer broke for the woods. The deer broke for cover at the sound of our approach.
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The winter break will last two weeks, with the break for Premier League clubs set to be staggered over two weekends.
The Billiards League matches saw only three breaks being recorded of over 25 as both Ben Whitehouse and Tim Whitehouse had a 26 break for Springwood BC, but Marsh Lib B player Tim Moore had the highest break with a 30 against Gordon Bennett of Upper Hopton B in a match won 2-1 by Marsh Lib B.
Billy Bousfield made a 118 break for Stockton Buffs against Old Thornaby, and was denied a maximum as his opponent gave him two points.
To celebrate the best of summer, Super-Valu's latest Getaway Breaks is an unbeatable value deal for the whole family - a 4 night B&B hotel break for 2 adults and 2 children for just EUR299.
If you have a passion for arts and crafts, and want to develop your skills, or are a complete beginner looking to take up a new hobby, Warner Leisure Hotels has the perfect break for you.
Oregon wage and hour rules provide that employees are entitled to a paid, 10-minute rest break for every four hours of work or "major portion thereof." This is interpreted to mean that if an employee works only two hours and one minute, the "major portion" of four hours, he is entitled to a 10-minute (or longer), paid rest break.
This is an excellent press break for the following reasons:
Any condition leaves the door open for a landlord to dispute a tenant's right to exercise its break for the most minor of breaches, such as a small defect in decoration or repair such as a cracked window or chipped paintwork.
And the rate drop combined with the capital gains deduction created a double-decker tax break for investors rich enough to take advantage of shelters such as the Valley Mall.
Division Two LAKES D played Redcar Citz B and won 5-1 with Brian Norris making a 51 break for the home team.
If Bruce were under 18, he'd be correct in that the required rest break for minors must last 15 minutes.
At the coach's's last movement, the backs break for the ball at a 45-degree angle.
Gary Beckett made a 54 break for the Lakes, while Paul Thompson made a 32 for the Quoit Club.