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TOYOTA''S compact new electric vehicle, the FT-EV II, has been designed for short-distance travel and it will break cover later this month at the Tokyo Motor Show in Japan.
Sneak peek: The traffic cops, armed with speed gun, hide behind a tree; Speed trap: The officers break cover once they've nabbed a speeder
He said: ``He loved chasing the small birds that would break cover and he would look down at me as if to say `it's great up here -come and join me'.
How soon young love wanes in the face of a quiff and gormless expression Wonder when she'll work out I'm not Harry Styles George and Ella break cover as they take a midnight stroll in the West End of London.
Political observers expect the Tory chief, known for his colourful ties, to break cover in the next 48 hours, especially as he has a council cabinet meeting and an important Conservative Group meeting to attend on Monday when he is expected to be reappointed as leader.
The car is not scheduled to break cover until next Tuesday's launch day at Rocking-ham.