break bread with (someone)

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break bread with (someone)

To eat with someone. To break bread with one's enemy is the fastest way to find common ground.
See also: bread, break
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break bread with someone

Fig. to eat a meal with someone. Please come by and break bread with us sometime. I would like to break bread with you.
See also: bread, break
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break bread with

share a meal with someone. dated
See also: bread, break
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References in classic literature ?
"No, no," she said, earnestly and kindly, "leave us like a friend-- break bread with us once more.
He sent though a very excellent representative to literally break bread with us at the Tuesday Club.
Skiers often stop here before heading to the hills to "see how the skis are made, break bread with us, and have a couple of cold ones," Eynon says.
"Each year we donate tickets to the Joshua House and Hillsborough Kids and invite these folks to come and break bread with us as our guests," Kelly said.