break bread with (someone)

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break bread with (someone)

To eat with someone. To break bread with one's enemy is the fastest way to find common ground.
See also: bread, break
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break bread with someone

Fig. to eat a meal with someone. Please come by and break bread with us sometime. I would like to break bread with you.
See also: bread, break
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break bread with

share a meal with someone. dated
See also: bread, break
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He visited parishioners in their homes--often one-room shacks that housed a family of six or more--and sat on the dirt floors to break bread with them. He was moved to tears by the predawn Easter Vigil liturgies where Mayan customs animated Catholic tradition.
There is sincerity in his voice when he describes how he began to apologize to people he had maligned along the way - "to break bread with them or pray for them." Even if most of these former "enemies" were in the Republican camp (he doesn't say), and even if the self-congratulation is a bit unseemly, this is the one moment in Active Faith that comes close to justifying the title.