break bread with (someone)

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break bread with (someone)

To eat with someone. To break bread with one's enemy is the fastest way to find common ground.
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break bread with someone

Fig. to eat a meal with someone. Please come by and break bread with us sometime. I would like to break bread with you.
See also: bread, break
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break bread with

share a meal with someone. dated
See also: bread, break
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Holding that wheat seed in my hands, I feel connected to the billions of my human brothers and sisters who have turned to this same grain to break bread with one another: to nourish, to celebrate, to earn an honest living.
The idea of national service is to mix things up, to force people to break bread with one another, to share experiences, to teach responsibility and self discipline, and, perhaps most crucially of all, to instill a greater sense of social cohesion and nationality.
A consensus was apparently being forced by the security apparatus which saw some erstwhile tribal adversaries who'd earlier refused to even break bread with one another, exhibiting a newfound bonhomie.
They are simply creating opportunities for people to engage, break bread with one another, and sit across the table from one another.
PERHAPS THE LESSON FOR CHRISTIANS IN THESE two books is that every time we sit down to break bread with one another we are celebrating a "memorial meal" in which we are called to be conscious and conscientious eaters, people who are grateful for the food that is both "fruit of the vine and work of human hands." Amen.
Fancy being so petty as to cause a stink when the richest club in the world break bread with one of your prime assets.
Ben Robinson from Break Bread with one of his creations Picture: COLIN LANE; A Ben Robinson meal