break bread with (someone)

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break bread with (someone)

To eat with someone. To break bread with one's enemy is the fastest way to find common ground.
See also: bread, break
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break bread with someone

Fig. to eat a meal with someone. Please come by and break bread with us sometime. I would like to break bread with you.
See also: bread, break
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break bread with

share a meal with someone. dated
See also: bread, break
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But Mr Martin trumps them both as 44% of voters would like to break bread with him. The survey also revealed only 8% of voters trust Mr Trump to have his finger on the nuclear button.
It was in their plush offices at Happy Valley that I visited Tony a couple of years back, so it will be extra special to break bread with him next month.
Then Phil tells us the stories of his grand tour of every AK47'd revolutionary clan he convinced to break bread with him. As each one unfolds, across Vietnam, Algeria, Columbia, Spain, and the Palestinian territories, we're given a brief history of the area, an account of Phil's adventures into the danger zone, and an apologia for whatever acts of violence that particular balaclava-wearing people's front have been enacting.
Case closed--not even the most patchouli-addled of pacifists want to break bread with him. But keeping a lid on Hussein's ambitions and scheming doesn't require 250,000 ground troops and cloudbursts of cluster bombs.