break back

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break (one's) back

To put forth a great deal of effort. I've been breaking my back trying to get a passing grade this semester, so failing by two measly points is incredibly frustrating. Don't break your back trying to please these people—they'll never appreciate it.
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break one's back

(to do something) Go to break one's neck (to do something).
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break your ˈback doing something/to do something

work very hard to achieve something: I’ve been breaking my back to sell as many books as I can. ▶ ˈback-breaking adj. (of physical work) very hard and tiring
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Kitchenok started fresh in the second set with an early break to lead 2-0, but Date-Krumm used all her craft to hold and then break back for 2-2.
After an early Nadal break in set four, Murray threatened to break back.
He broke Soderling's serve in the first game and did so again in the third, only for Soderling to break back himself and then save a break point in the next game.
A forehand error gave Nadal two break points which the Spaniard duly took to break back.
In the third set, I obviously got broken back, but won a long game the following game to break back.
At 5-4 up Nadal faltered once more, delivering a double fault to hand his compatriot the break back to 5-5.
The faster hard courts favoured the former world No1 and she dominated from the start, breaking in Stosur's first two service games before the the world No72 pulled a break back.
Three blistering returns helped the Scot to break back in the sixth game before he retained his next service game to love.
A BOOZY builder locked out of his flat accidentally hanged himself while trying to break back in.