break back

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break (one's) back

To put forth a great deal of effort. I've been breaking my back trying to get a passing grade this semester, so failing by two measly points is incredibly frustrating. Don't break your back trying to please these people—they'll never appreciate it.
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break back

In tennis, to win a game immediately after losing the previous game as the server. The tennis star broke back seven times after losing serve during the tournament.
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break one's back

(to do something) Go to break one's neck (to do something).
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break your ˈback doing something/to do something

work very hard to achieve something: I’ve been breaking my back to sell as many books as I can. ▶ ˈback-breaking adj. (of physical work) very hard and tiring
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The second set saw Almagro broken early to trail 2-1 but he levelled the set at 4-4 with a break back.
Heuberger responded to break back in the seventh but Murray had enough to close out the set without further alarm.
The German pulled one break back but the damage had been done.
The Proton project is running behind schedule but Roberts, on a golfing break back home in California, said: "We are giving birth to a brand a new thing, so unexpected little problems are bound to crop up."
Rusedski had Henman in all sorts of trouble when the British number one served for the match, holding three break back points, but Henman to grind out an excellent 6-3 6-4 1-6 6-3 success.
Britain's Rusedski lost 7-6 (8-6) 6-4 but had his chances by breaking the Slovakian's serve in both sets, only for Kucera to break back.
From then on, it was the pint-sized Japanese star as she broke one more time in the eighth game and then saw her Spanish opponent save seven match-points to break back for 4-5.
The affronted Scot forced an immediate break back, however, to level at 2-2.
He had two chances to break back and force a tie-break but Del Potro held on, and the Argentinian broke again to lead 2-1 in the second set.
He broke Soderling's serve in the first game and again in the third, only for the Swede to break back himself then save a break point in the next game.
"The third set, obviously got broken back, won a long game the following game to break back.