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More than 254 data breaches were publicized, representing 200 million lost or stolen data records.
The Breach Level Index is designed to track and measure the severity of breaches globally and it will be calculated on a constant basis as information becomes available, with breach data gathered from multiple sources.
Nearly half of respondents said that their companies suffered data breaches that involved log-in credentials and credit card or bank payment information.
Moreover, breaches due to systems failures, lost or stolen devices, and third-party mistakes all fell.
At this writing, the federal government is considering the introduction of nationwide data breach notification legislation to create consistency in reporting breaches across the states.
Shettler and other volunteers regularly hear "whispers" from anonymous sources regarding data breaches.
One thing companies can do to protect themselves from this exposure is to ensure they are compliant with the most stringent state statutes that govern security breaches and file theft, Christenson said.
The number of state-sponsored attacks accounted for just 2% of data breach incidents, but the number of records compromised as a result of those attacks totalled 41% of all records exposed, due to the breaches at Anthem Insurance and the U.
Paper breaches accounted for nearly 26% of known breaches (an increase of 46% from 2008).
Microsoft is not unique in requiring security updates to its installed product; there have been recent security breaches in hardware products as well.
For example, numerous lawsuits have been brought against attorneys and accountants in various savings and loan failures, in which the plaintiffs alleged that the CPAs knowingly assisted in breaches of other parties' fiduciary duties.
With respect to the owner's argument that it is impossible to have an abandonment and breach of the same contract, the court reminded the owner of the uniqueness of construction contracts and explained that the owner's breaches of contract were the "precipitating cause" of the abandonment.
Experian is the most experienced data breach provider in the market; we've serviced some of the largest and most complex breaches in the United States and leverage that advantage to better meet every client's needs," said Guy Abramo, president, Experian Consumer Services.
The Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) monitors five groups for data breaches annually (see chart).