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be right back

and BRB
phr. & comp. abb. I will return to communicating shortly. Excuse me, BRB. He’s out of pocket, but he’ll be right back.
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2007) of an existing BRB as a mould proved strikingly successful in my experiments, the straight flare of the sides and well-defined inner base corners producing 'clones' of very similar dimensions, with the clay rising above the mould walls and falling naturally into the 'frill' or flange typical of BRBs.
BRB designed a series of pivoting doors between the reception area and the conference lounge, enabling a free-flowing entertainment space for frequent client gatherings.
Indeed, the rituals that Zahorka describes in his paper show many points of similarity with those discussed by lsabell Herrmans in her essay "Making Tactile: Ganti diri figures and the magic of concreteness among the Luangan Dayaks," that appeared two years ago in the BRB (see Vol.
In a nod to Atlantis' role as the largest open-air marine habitat in the world and a virtual aquatic playground for guests of all ages, BRB created What Fish Are You?
Her major problem now is childcare, as she is dancing with her husband Yasuo Atsuji for the first time with BRB.
Families' reunion is seen at the BRB canal where they hold mini-parties besides swimming competitions among the youth and the adults.
But, now, Parker has come back to Brum having decided his future lies on the stage and not in the clouds after all It is a triumphant return as The Beast in Beauty and the Beast, a full-length ballet by BRB director David Bintley.
A final correction should be noted in the last volume of the BRB (Volume 35, 2004).
However, BRB and SNCF did not initiate the procedure for 1997 and 1998 until November 2001, so their claim was time barred, the tribunal ruled.
BRB Publications (Tempe, AZ) has released the 2002 edition of The Sourcebook of Local Court and County Record Retrievers.
The triple bill shared by Bintley, Kudelka, and Ashton tours Britain until BRB returns to Birmingham November 29 for the Christmas season run of Peter Wright's Nutcracker.
7 million original Bioenvironmental Research Building (BRB), previous additions to BRB, and the $20 million Regional Biocontainment Laboratory -- a joint venture with Hensel Phelps Construction that will wrap up in the coming months.
139: Different ballets performed by BRB at the Hippodrome.