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brazen (it) out

To face something, especially a difficult situation or an accusation, shamelessly and/or with brash self-confidence. Timmy brazened out his teacher's scolding about misbehaving. I just had to brazen it out when the boss suspected me of mishandling the account.
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brazen it out

To act bravely and confidently when one is afraid or uncertain. I'm terrified to give this presentation, but I just have to brazen it out and hope for the best.
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brave it out

1. Face danger or a difficult situation with courage. For example, They had far fewer votes than the opposition, but they decided to brave it out. [Late 1500s]
2. Also, brazen it out. Boast or swagger, act with impudent bravado. For example, They hadn't been invited but decided to stay and brazen it out. [Mid-1500s]
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brazen out

1. To face or endure something boldly: The determined people brazened out the political crisis. Your first month in the army will be tough, but I know you can brazen it out.
2. To face or admit to something shameful or untrue without expressing any remorse or shame: I can't believe that the government would brazen out such a terrible scandal. Instead of admitting that her story was a lie, she brazened it out.
3. To invent some bold story to cover up something that is embarrassing: The angry student brazened out a poor excuse for his bad behavior.
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In relief efforts run by the Mexican military and police, aid packages were brazenly stolen, and police officers were assigned to rescue sewing machines from a collapsed garment factory while bodies lay in its rubble.
But then," says Wender, "everybody realized it works best in the piece when it's this woman brazenly faking it.
Mightn't major corporations risk losing some of their most talented, creative employees to competing companies that brazenly advertise: "We Don't Care How Fat You Are, You Can Come Work For Us.
Every word in it has been brazenly "sampled" from a book, the dictionary, and "remixed" into a news story.
But that's exactly what the crafty pair did and Sheepshanks and Heard - complete with his unmistakable limp - brazenly walked down the street and into a cab to the FA's "open secret" meeting at the Leonard Hotel in Seymour Street.
Brazenly he sneaks out one day, breaks into the other house and discovers Jen.
the crowd then spilled onto the 101, scarves and blazers flapping brazenly.
After an acquittal on charges of conspiracy to procure an abortion, Morgentaler brazenly sat in the visitors' gallery of Queen's Park staring down at Roy McMurtry, Attorney General under the Davis Tories, as he announced that the Crown would appeal.
When the possibility of an Ashikaga bailout first broke, all three of those institutions brazenly denied that a bailout was even "under consideration.
I had done it my entire life, as when I took care not to use slang when speaking with my white peers or when I debated whether to report the cab driver who brazenly passed me by or to snuff my rage, pushing the slight into the recesses of my mind.
Two days after an intruder brazenly kidnapped her from her home, a nine-year-old girl walked into a corner shop 15 miles away 'crying and scared,' police in California said yesterday.
Bracciolini had brazenly pursued the forbidden but beloved Chiara with serenades, love letters, and even an erotic drawing.
In the old days, you read the AR and some of the other monthlies and ripped off/paid tribute to the great form givers who appeared in these glossy pages by using bits from their designs and brazenly declaring them your own.
After reading Schlumpf's article, I could not believe that your magazine could endorse this brazenly rebellious, schismatic thinking.
For an entire day, Sheridan brazenly gave New York a taste of Canuck chutzpah via a computer-animation forum and showcase for the best CGI effects in the business.