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brazen (it) out

To face something, especially a difficult situation or an accusation, shamelessly and/or with brash self-confidence. Timmy brazened out his teacher's scolding about misbehaving. I just had to brazen it out when the boss suspected me of mishandling the account.
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brazen it out

To act bravely and confidently when one is afraid or uncertain. I'm terrified to give this presentation, but I just have to brazen it out and hope for the best.
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brave it out

1. Face danger or a difficult situation with courage. For example, They had far fewer votes than the opposition, but they decided to brave it out. [Late 1500s]
2. Also, brazen it out. Boast or swagger, act with impudent bravado. For example, They hadn't been invited but decided to stay and brazen it out. [Mid-1500s]
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brazen out

1. To face or endure something boldly: The determined people brazened out the political crisis. Your first month in the army will be tough, but I know you can brazen it out.
2. To face or admit to something shameful or untrue without expressing any remorse or shame: I can't believe that the government would brazen out such a terrible scandal. Instead of admitting that her story was a lie, she brazened it out.
3. To invent some bold story to cover up something that is embarrassing: The angry student brazened out a poor excuse for his bad behavior.
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She brazenly loaded her bags with champagne, DVDs, a silver bookmark, a ceramic plate and other presents.
Communities need their popular bonds, their shared experiences, their common vocabularies - even brazenly commercial, mildly irritating ones.
Then - unnoticed by other passengers - he brazenly stayed on board while his victims fled.
I suspect that his attack on the energy companies and the threat to cap prices has struck a real chord with the British electorate and could turn out to be a real vote winner, especially if those companies continue to brazenly push up prices.
The man, clutching a poster, brazenly stepped in beside the James Bond actor, 83, on his walk.
When the actors spotted someone who caught their fancy, they brazenly used binoculars to get a closer look at the objects of their desire.
A GLOBETROTTING jewellery thief was caught after he brazenly posted sightseeing photographs of himself on Facebook while on the run.
The tidiness leaves the band nowhere to hide: Each note and chord stands exposed, brazenly inviting scrutiny.
COPS Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett are on the hunt for a heroin consignment brazenly stolen by a French drug kingpin from the police evidence room.
THREE men walked into a busy Huddersfield supermarket - and brazenly walked off with two tills
DRUNKEN Martin Barker brazenly urinated in a busy town centre street, a court heard yesterday.
The transporters, who brazenly announce that they will demand the Government to completely cancel the green card, profit the most.
They complained that police was not cooperating with kin of deceased, who was brazenly murdered in Red Zone, which was a clarion and chronic failure of police efficiency.
Cocaine addict David Richardson brazenly walked into the church run by Father Denis O'Mahony and stole car keys.
She meets Joel's wife and children, but still she persists in trying to break up his marriage, brazenly bedding her first love with no thought for how much pain she's causing.