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all brawn and no brain

Having great power or physical strength but lacking mental acuity or intelligence. He may have been a good football player in high school, but he was all brawn and no brains, so he didn't get into any colleges.
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be all brawn and no brain(s)

To have great power or physical strength but lack mental acuity or intelligence. He may have been a good football player in high school, but he was all brawn and no brains, so he didn't get into any colleges.
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brains and brawn

Mental acuity or intelligence and great power or physical strength, considered together. Our star football player got into an Ivy League school because he has brains and brawn.
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brains versus brawn

Mental acuity or intelligence in contrast to great power or physical strength. This isn't a case of brains versus brawn—you need both intelligence and physical strength in a situation like this.
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more with brains than with brawn

Using intelligence rather than physical strength. You're a smart kid, and that's why we need you in the lineup—I think this game will be won more with brains than with brawn.
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brains and/versus brawn

intelligence and/compared with physical strength: In this job you need both brains and brawn.
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The departure of the unflappable Brawn means change for drivers Lewis Hamilton, Britain's 2008 world champion, and Germany's Nico Rosberg although neither will have been surprised by the news.
The problem is, as Brawn remarked 10 months ago when speculation was first aired about his position, Mercedes were unwilling to allow him to be the "one reference" as he claimed to be and demanded.
Ten months on and Hamilton, without a world title since 2008, is now without one of the most successful men in F1's history as Brawn has played a part in 16 world championship successes - eight drivers' and eight constructors' crowns.
"As individuals, we have to make the right decisions for ourselves and we have to respect whatever choices he [Brawn] wants to make for himself," Hamilton told media here on the confirmation that Brawn will be leaving his position as Mercedes team principal at the end of this season.
Hamilton added that it was a bonus to have Brawn in the team because of how much experience he had and the success he had in his previous teams.
Brawn had been strongly linked with Williams because he is held in high esteem by its current technical director Pat Symonds, a former Benetton colleague during their title-winning years with Michael Schumacher.
Reports yesterday morning claimed Brawn had failed to reach a satisfactory agreement with his employers over his role next season and would leave the team after the final race of the calendar in Brazil on November 24.
There is a belief that should Brawn leave after the final race in Brazil then the team would be run by their two executive directors Toto Wolff and Paddy Lowe, along with non-executive chairman Niki Lauda.
Earlier this year Brawn did suggest that when the time was right for him to step aside there would be"a soft handover", with Paddy Lowe the man to fill his shoes following his recruitment from McLaren.
To that end, it would appear foolish for Brawn to decide to walk away when he potentially faces his best opportunity to make Mercedes world champions since the German giant bought out Brawn GP following their 2009 title-winning campaign.
A year ago Brawn celebrated a momentous victory at a time when he was in charge of his own team, with Jenson Button leading the way around the streets of the principality.
The Bahrain Grand Prix will be Schumacher's first race since coming out of retirement during the off-season and announcing he is leaving long-time partners Ferrari to join Brawn at Mercedes.
Brawn established the team named after him for the 2009 season and won the constructors championship, while driver Jenson Button became world champion.
ROSS Brawn has revealed that natural progression meant it was necessary for him to pass on the ownership of his Formula One World Championship-winning team to Mercedes.