brassed off

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brass off

To irritate or exasperate. A noun or pronoun can be used between "brass" and "off" or after "off." Let's leave John alone for now—I think we brassed him off a bit with our criticism.
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brassed off

Irritated, disgruntled, or exasperated. Primarily heard in UK. John's just a bit brassed off with us at the moment, so let's leave him alone.
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brassed (off)

mod. angry; disgusted. You look so brassed off at the world. Smile!
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Coinciding with the 30th anniversary of the Miners' Strike of 1984, Brassed Off has been directed by Olivier-award winning Damian Cruden, whose credits include The Railway Children, and stars former Brookside actor John McArdle as Danny.
Based on a screenplay by Mark Herman, adapted by Paul Allen, Brassed Off goes on to Saturday and will be at Coventry's Belgrade Theatre from April 23-26, with support from Coventry Festival Band.
Brassed Off is a funny and heart-warming drama that reaches stirring heights as the band perform the final scene live on the stage of the Alhambra Theatre.
Brassed Off - it was a very moving production and we had a real brass band.
Grimethorpe Colliery Band - who featured in 1996 film Brassed Off - thought they would be performing on the pitch before Manchester Utd take on Barcelona on May 28.
THE award-winning Grimethorpe Colliery Band, who catapulted to world-wide fame through the 1996 hit movie Brassed Off, will play at the Venue Cymru, Llandudno on Sunday.
By shrieking about banning it, the brassed off brasshats made me wonder if the military does have something to hide.
1945: PetePostlethwaite, 59, British actor, whose films include Brassed Off and In The Name Of The Father.
Less lucky is Ewan McGregor, whom Herman has recruited from his previous film, Brassed Off, to play L.
Luke Adamson as Shane in emotionally-charged play Brassed Off
BRASSED OFF, Tuesday -April 12, Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton, 01902 429212.
MOVING tale Brassed Off is heading to Darlington's Civic Theatre next week.
The decimation of a proud industry and knock-on effect on local communities which were left forever changed after the near-year-long struggle was lost by the NUM, then one of the strongest unions in the country, was highlighted on the big screen in 1996 in the film Brassed Off, co-starring Teesside actor Stephen Tompkinson.
THEATRE chiefs caused outrage when they chose a police brass band to play picketing miners in a stage version of the coal strike movie Brassed Off.