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NAOMI MATTHEW: 2.05 Bold Sniper, 2.40 Pearl Secret (nb), 3.10 Brass Ring, 3.50 Toormore (nap), 4.25 Stars Above Me, 5.00 Postponed, 5.35 Yenhaab.
Spielberg points out the seemingly inevitable conservatism of the movie industry in the face of expanding content choices: "You're at the point right now where a studio would rather invest $250 million in one film for a real shot at the brass ring than make a whole bunch of really interesting, deeply personal - and even maybe historical - projects that may get lost in the shuffle."
What we used: Rustoleum all-surface paint in black satin, 250ml, pounds 9.98 B&Q (, 0845 609 6688), acrylic paint in antique gold, 59ml, pounds 1.49 (, 0800 027 2387), 6 x brass ring pull drawer handles, pounds 1.65 each (try eBay).
Graduation is the brass ring she hangs onto in order to get through each miserable day.
The Brass Ring. So you have employees whom you train well.
Maybe you will find you have been chasing the wrong brass ring. Maybe you will become inspired to use your gifts of greatness in a way that not only brings you great personal abundance, but also greatly rewards those who get the privilege of being served by you.
Many are yellow-flowered (this is the brass ring of clivia breeding), and even the orange ones looked special grading toward red and with striking throat coloration in light yellows.
The Rays of the baseball world certainly have shown that if you draft well and develop talent, you have a shot at the brass ring. But that ring becomes harder and harder to grasp the further you're key talent moves along in major league service time.
And it positions them for that brass ring of all desperate leaders: martyrdom.
Add an extra top rung to the tomato frame with a 6-inch brass ring (available from craft stores) for the form.
In this case it was a 1-1/4" brass ring I found at a yard sale.
If you've seen me speak, you've likely seen my horseshoes and brass ring trick: Two horseshoes connected at the open ends by three links of chain on each side with a small brass ring trapped between them.
Others worked at it too, but O'Hara gets the brass ring.
All of us are looking for the brass ring, and we may wish to know many things to get the best out of our lives.
Who will grab the brass ring or rings this year, how do judges decide, what are the deadlines or new rules - and does it really matter?