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IT'S brass monkey weather - even for the monkeys at Dudley Zoo.
You don't want to be getting your kit off when it's brass monkey weather.
It was brass monkey weather and Celtic's defending resembled a chimps' tea party at times.
AND I thought 10 weeks in the frozen Minnesotan wilds for Fargo was bad enough, but last week's episode of A Cabbie Abroad (BBC Two) took brass monkey weather to nether-perishing extremes.
uk IT'S BRASS MONKEY WEATHER A ZOO proved it is real brass monkey weather yesterday - by wrapping up their chimps in blankets.
With all the brass monkey weather at home, if nothing else this result should have warmed everyone up a bit.
I suggest a better name would be the winter of the Brass Monkey, because it's brass monkey weather we are likely to get.
It may be brass monkey weather - but it's also beautiful.
The Arctic brass monkey weather is likely to be the worst this winter.
Prince Charles, clearly in good humour, said: "As it is proverbially brass monkey weather I won't keep you long.
We were on location in the Highlands in the most freezing period of the year you can imagine - it was November and it was brass monkey weather.
But on this occasion we had driven into town together, parked in the multi storey and by the time we reached BHS I realised I was in danger of frostbite in a sensitive area because I was wearing a wind cheater in what was brass monkey weather.
Let's have the likes of the Beeb's Carol Kirkwood, above left, telling us if it's going to be brass monkey weather, coming down in stair-rods, or - please - hot enough to fry your brains out.
TWO shivering Barbary macaques cuddled up to keep out the cold as brass monkey weather gripped Scotland.
IT might be brass monkey weather but Little Britain laydee David Walliams isn't feeling the cold - he headed home from a saucy fashion show clutching a free pot of nipple-warming gel.