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In October 2013, Axiom gave the American premiere of "Fantasia Flamenca" and the world premiere of Raimundo Penaforte's Concertice for brass quintet and orchestra under the baton of David Lockington and the Modesto Symphony, followed by the 2015 Midwest premieres of Bernard Rands' "Adieu" for quintet and strings, and the Midwest premiere of "Fantasia Flamenca" with the Grand Rapids Symphony.
During the festival 10,000 plastic mouthpieces will be given out to children across the county who will be urged to practice the brass player's distinctive blowing technique.
BRSS through its wholly-owned principal operating subsidiary, Global Brass and Copper Inc, is a value-added converter, fabricator, processor and distributor of specialised non-ferrous products in North America.
Brass Factor was launched five years ago as a university project by Huddersfield musician Alex Bray, and has since gone on to be renowned as a fun competition showcasing some of the country's best talent in brass music.
If the television gave some coverage to brass bands perhaps we might get more young people learning to play brass instruments.
Alumna Abigail Agoncillo (trombone, BBB-Brass 2009-2012) said being part of the brass band gave her college life direction.
Since we're concerned with handgun brass here, let's just say that it will easily hold 400.
If it is still not as bright as you'd like, try dipping half a lemon into salt and rubbing it on the brass surface.
The Menai Bridge Brass Band will be in Brass The Baton, a huge relay race involving five conductor's batons and a unique new music commission from Paul Lovatt-Cooper entitled Going The Distance.
The several thousand Harmonic Brass fans all over the world can look forward to another splendid concert programme: concerto festivo.
At the time Brass was a single dad with custody of his five-year-old daughter.
Shinas: The Public Authority for Craft Industries (PACI) opened a Training and Production Center for Brass in Shinas.
Shinas, August 2 (ONA) The Public Authority for Craft Industries (PACI) opened Training and Production Center for Brass in Shinas.
These shiny brass pieces depicting various objects or symbols are also prized by antique collectors.
29 (ANI): The popular brass industry of Gujarat's Jamnagar city is presently facing a major challenge to sustain itself following a sharp erosion in the demand for its products in the world market.