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(brand) spanking new

Totally new; never before used. This computer is brand spanking new, so I just don't understand how it can have such terrible performance issues. The company just completed construction on their spanking new headquarters in Virginia. I got this sweater brand spanking new from the thrift store. I can't believe people buy such high-end stuff and then don't even wear it.
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brand new

Completely new and unused. The word "brand" here comes from Old English for fire or flame; thus, something that is brand new is likened to that which is forged in—and fresh out of—fire. I bought Jim a brand-new computer for his birthday. That car is brand new, so be extra careful when you drive it.
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brand spanking new

A more emphatic way to say "new." Nope, I have a brand spanking new phone now, so I shouldn't be dropping calls anymore.
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branded IP

Intellectual property ("IP") that is already associated with a popular brand. With branded IP at their disposal, movie studios don't have to take chances any more. Why would they forego the built-in audience a superhero movie brings?
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no-brand cigarette

slang A hand-rolled cigarette filled with marijuana; a joint. My brother and I sat out on the back porch, passing a no-brand cigarette back and forth while discussing the mysteries of the universe.
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off-brand cigarette

Machine-rolled cigarettes not produced by companies with well-known or reputable brands. He was sentenced to six months in jail for selling cheap, off-brand cigarettes outside a strip mall in north Denver. Studies have shown that off-brand cigarettes can contain nearly twice as many cancer-causing chemicals as those produced by established brands such as Marlboro or Camel.
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on brand

Fitting with the image or brand of someone or something. This phrase can refer to a company brand or (perhaps humorously) to someone's personal interests or image. Their newest commercial is so on brand that you can tell it's for their product before you even see it. That book on the lunar phases is very on brand for you, what with your interest in astronomy.
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ride for the brand

To act on behalf of and with loyalty toward some group or organization. Originally associated with cowboys. If you're gonna be a leader on this team, you have to ride for the brand every time you suit up.
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(brand) spanking new

mod. completely new; brand new. Look at that brand spanking new car!
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cigarette with no name

and no brand cigarette and no name cigarette
n. a marijuana cigarette. (Drugs.) You got one of them cigarettes with no name? Bud’s been smoking no name cigarettes again.
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no brand cigarette

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off-brand cigarette

n. a marijuana cigarette. (Drugs.) Shorty smokes nothing but those off-brand cigarettes.
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