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brainwash (someone) with (something)

To intentionally alter someone's thoughts or beliefs by using a particular idea or method (that is stated after "with"). Commercials brainwash us with subliminal messages that make us go out and buy stuff. The cult leader brainwashed his followers with increasingly distorted information.
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brainwash someone with something

to drive specific knowledge or propaganda into someone's brain, by constant repetition and psychological conditioning. The dictator brainwashed his people with lie after lie. You have brainwashed yourself with your own propaganda.
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Even in a moment of heightened interest in the idea of our own multiple and shifting identities, this range is remarkable, an investigation of Hollywood movies as a kind of collaborative and cooperative brainwashing that might be as brief as the length of the film but could also offer deeper and potentially permanent ramifications.
That's a whole element of the brainwashing thing: You never admit you're brainwashed,'' said Dubro, a 55-year-old Bay Area engineer who remains a devout Catholic.
There are over a hundred entries from acupuncture and alien abduction to brainwashing, chemical imbalance and more.
I would go further and blame the press for being complicit and their readers for being susceptible to brainwashing.
Speeding deals with consensual teenage sex, physical abuse and brainwashing, love and commitment, women in charge, rape, and cults.
Perhaps I was the object of a kind of brainwashing," the 72-year-old Milingo said in a series of interviews on his 95-day flirtation with the Moonies.
The first deals with issues around the study of cults, the second with the question of brainwashing, and the third with topics such as the way cults bring up their children and the way they may attempt to intervene in discussions about themselves in the public arena.
Brainwashing stands as the most common allegation leveled against NRMs.
Now in his 50s, he runs the Vancouver-based Adbusters Media Foundation, which aims to subvert corporate brainwashing through satire and "social marketing campaigns" such as "Buy Nothing Day" and "TV Turnoff Week.
There, psychiatrist Ewen Cameron put her through more than four months of partial sensory deprivation, including 16 LSD injections and weeks of "psychic driving" using repetitive brainwashing tapes.
In the blockbuster interview, The Transcript points to the disciplined stock selection strategies Selengut outlines in his groundbreaking new book: The Brainwashing of the American Investor, as the key factor.
Your Poem BRAINWASHING Please my country of birth don't be unkind By brainwashing my newborn innocent mind Inform me about ALL the religions that each country preaches So I'm not forced to believe the one that my country teaches And please tell me of the thoughts of non-believers, too So I can consider their completely different point of view For I don't want a closed mind that's blinkered and shuttered Because I've been brainwashed by beliefs that only my country has uttered I want a pure open mind that soars high and flies free From all the ignorance and bigotry that only the truly brainwashed accept so easily So please my country of birth don't be unkind By brainwashing my newborn innocent mind John Wall, Wavertree
Because every night ma'atams are brainwashing children and uneducated youth, as their fathers and mothers were brainwashed.
She was complaining about the brainwashing of schoolchildren in lessons that contained Bible stories.