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brainwash (someone) with (something)

To intentionally alter someone's thoughts or beliefs by using a particular idea or method. Commercials brainwash us with subliminal messages that make us go out and buy stuff. The cult leader brainwashed his followers with increasingly distorted information.
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brainwash someone with something

to drive specific knowledge or propaganda into someone's brain, by constant repetition and psychological conditioning. The dictator brainwashed his people with lie after lie. You have brainwashed yourself with your own propaganda.
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Painted in a blurry, primarily wet-on-wet grisaille (the film, too, is in black and white) with hints of blue and lavender, the images show the ladies at one point sharing space with the captors, the fissures in the soldiers' brainwashing beginning to surface, as the setting changes from garden party to laboratory.
Kozol's next book, On Being a Teacher, takes as its starting point the crude Marxist view that education in all societies is "a system of indoctrination." All the book's model lessons aim to teach little children to withstand America's state-sponsored brainwashing and to open them up to the self-evident truths of feminism, environmentalism, and the Left's account of history.
Following in his dad's footsteps, Gordon attacked church-state separation on the air February 3, 2006, during a rant about pulpit-based politicking, telling viewers, "It's incredible the brainwashing that's happened in America today.
"That is brainwashing. There's nothing in the Constitution, there's no phrase that talks about the separation of church and state."
Astrid's parents fear they are the subjects of a brainwashing exercise for the amusement of TV viewers while holed up on an old military base in Suffolk.
I really appreciate your August 30 story "Brainwashed No More" for helping expose the dangers of "reparative therapy." My personal experience with over six years of reparative therapy was a cycle of guilt, shame, brainwashing, and fear--these are not qualities associated with successful psychological counseling.
What is the difference between brainwashing a young man into strapping high explosive to his body and brainwashing pilots to drop so-called 'smart bombs' on civilians in towns and cities below, killing tens of thousands The damage caused to those poor souls made me ashamed to belong to one of the nations responsible.
There are over a hundred entries from acupuncture and alien abduction to brainwashing, chemical imbalance and more.
I would go further and blame the press for being complicit and their readers for being susceptible to brainwashing.
'Brainwashing, Drunks & Madness: Memoirs of a Medical Icon' is an autobiographical account of the advances in military and civilian medicine and an inside look at the health policies of the Reagan administration in the 1980s.
"Perhaps I was the object of a kind of brainwashing," the 72-year-old Milingo said in a series of interviews on his 95-day flirtation with the Moonies.
(This terminology, including the word cult, is used in this review reluctantly as shorthand.) The essays are divided into three sections: `How objective are the scholars?', `How constrained are the participants?', and `How concerned should society be?' The first deals with issues around the study of cults, the second with the question of brainwashing, and the third with topics such as the way cults bring up their children and the way they may attempt to intervene in discussions about themselves in the public arena.
When British nationals have done this, their actions amount to treason, and the excuse of 'brainwashing' cuts no ice.
Brainwashing stands as the most common allegation leveled against NRMs.