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brainwash (someone) with (something)

To intentionally alter someone's thoughts or beliefs by using a particular idea or method. Commercials brainwash us with subliminal messages that make us go out and buy stuff. The cult leader brainwashed his followers with increasingly distorted information.
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brainwash someone with something

to drive specific knowledge or propaganda into someone's brain, by constant repetition and psychological conditioning. The dictator brainwashed his people with lie after lie. You have brainwashed yourself with your own propaganda.
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In the article "Brainwashed No More" the author discusses the various "programs that promise to turn gay men and lesbians straight." She also states that these programs "have existed for more than two decades." In reality, these programs have existed for more than a hundred years.
The family of one of the London suicide bombers is insisting he must have been "brainwashed".
THE family of one of the London suicide bombers yesterday said he may have been 'brainwashed' into carrying out the atrocity.
Brainwashed, hypnotized, or just a venal little weasel with a Napoleonic complex feebly trying to take down the most compassionate Administration in the nation's history with a tapestry of falsehoods, prevarications, and perjurious distortions.
Like Patty Hearst, she is slowly brainwashed by this nutter who is angry at the industrial complex and intends his hostages to share his rage and go out to become fighters for his cause.
Zevon died a week and a half after The Wind's release, doing a bit better than George Harrison's posthumous Brainwashed. And like Harrison, Zevon was determined to go out without a whimper and to deploy his remaining time to do what he did best, make records.
The principle of tolerance apparently guarantees a place for homosexuality in the school curriculum; little children in the earliest grades are to be brainwashed into thinking that a family which has no mum but two dads is as normal as one which has both a mummy and a daddy.
Sun Myung Moon's Unification church but soon repented and returned to the fold, has said he may have been brainwashed.
Most scholars of religion avoid the word "cult" altogether because it carries with it a set of negative connotations: "cult" leaders are con artists; "cult" followers are brainwashed sheep; "cult" beliefs are bizarre or ludicrous; and "cult" movements are dangerous, tending toward suicide or violence.
ONE of Britain's top cheesemakers is quitting because, he claims, shoppers have been brainwashed.
"[The Bradleys] told me that I should not be around my mom when she finds out [about the emancipation petition], so that's when I went to my friend's house." Dela Cerna, who called the police to report Misty missing, explains, "I found out [about Misty's petition] when the attorney called the police department after I had reported her missing, and three days later, when she was finally brought in, I learned that they had retained an attorney for her." Dela Cerna brought Misty home and filed a restraining order against the Bradleys and their son, asserting that they had "brainwashed" Misty.
The defendants also dug out a priceless statement from Geoff Giuliano, the actor who was the original Ronald McDonald: "I brainwashed youngsters into doing wrong.
"They have been almost so brainwashed that they are going to be laid off, that they are not shopping down there," he said.
The problem with achieving all this is that for years Americans have been brainwashed by textbooks that make politics sound bad and civil service sound shiny clean.