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Confused, bewildered, or disoriented. This cold medicine has left me totally addlebrained—I just wrote down that 2 + 2 = 5. Get used to feeling addlebrained—that's just part of life as a sleep-deprived new mom. I spent an hour searching for that file, and it was right under my nose the whole time. Boy, am I addlebrained today!


Characterized by stupidity, foolishness, or a lack of foresight. You're so bird-brained. I can't believe you got stranded on the highway because you didn't put enough gas in your car!

bird-brained idea

An especially foolish, stupid, or shortsighted plan or idea. A: "I've got a great plan for selling bees as pets—we'll make a fortune!" B: "Here we go with another one of your bird-brained ideas." Am I going crazy here, or has everyone else just lost their minds? Because this is the most bird-brained idea I've ever heard!
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brain (someone)

To strike or assault someone violently and severely, typically on the head. He warned me that he was going to brain me if I didn't stop insulting him. The lump on my head is from when a box fell off a shelf and brained me yesterday.
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Wacky or crazy. There's a guy on our corner who shouts about the end of the world; I think he's a little crackbrained. Oh please, that'll never work—it's a crackbrained idea.
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Utterly foolish or poorly thought out. He's always got some lamebrained scheme to get rich.
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Prone to engage in logical, analytical thinking, as opposed to intuition, creativity, or abstraction. I'm not surprised that Matt's completely left-brained—he is a math major, after all. Call me left-brained, but I can't make a big decision without a pro-con list.


Particularly stupid, foolish, or narrow-minded. The town hall meeting was hijacked by a few pea-brained morons trying to protest the new highway development. Don't let Tom's comments get you down—he's just a pea-brained jerk who puts other people down to make himself feel smart.


Prone to engage in intuitive, creative, or abstract thinking, as opposed to that which is more logical or analytical. I'm not surprised that Matt's completely right-brained—he is an art major, after all. Call me right-brained, but I always trust my intuition when I have to make a big decision.
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mod. stupid; ridiculous. I’ve heard enough of your crackbrained schemes.
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