brain (someone)

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brain (someone)

To strike or assault someone violently and severely, typically on the head. He warned me that he was going to brain me if I didn't stop insulting him. The lump on my head is from when a box fell off a shelf and brained me yesterday.
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brain someone

Fig. to strike a person hard on the skull as if to knock out the person's brains. (Often said as a vain threat.) I thought he was going to brain me, but he only hit me on the shoulder. If you don't do it, I'll brain you.


1. n. a good student; a very intelligent person. (see also brains.) I’m no brain, but I get good grades.
2. tv. to hit someone (in the head). I ought to brain you for that!
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Confirmation of the brain US finding by MRI evaluation is very helpful in guiding therapy, especially when US scans usually do not allow a perfect distinction between the site of a previous haemorrhage and an abscess.
A COLLEAGUE who shall remain nameless for security reasons (she'd probably brain us if we gave out her indentity) tells us of frustrating encounters with acall centre at the weekend.