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brain (someone)

To strike or assault someone violently and severely, typically on the head. He warned me that he was going to brain me if I didn't stop insulting him. The lump on my head is from when a box fell off a shelf and brained me yesterday.
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brain someone

Fig. to strike a person hard on the skull as if to knock out the person's brains. (Often said as a vain threat.) I thought he was going to brain me, but he only hit me on the shoulder. If you don't do it, I'll brain you.
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1. n. a good student; a very intelligent person. (see also brains.) I’m no brain, but I get good grades.
2. tv. to hit someone (in the head). I ought to brain you for that!
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Students use scientific data to draw conclusions about the effects of toluene (a toxic component of many inhalants) on brain chemistry, behavior, and motor activity; students learn that the chemicals in inhalant vapors can lead to addiction.
This view holds that the mind is fundamentally a computer program implemented in the brain's hardware--one which could be replicated in a different physical substrate.
This was the third year I had attended the annual meeting to promote the work in brain science being conducted at RIKEN Brain Science Institute in Saitama, north of Tokyo.
The children's brain scans showed increased activity in the men that controls language recognition, the study says.
Children with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) have an acquired open or closed injury to the brain from an external physical force that results in a functional disability or psychosocial impairment, or both, that adversely affects educational performance.
In a study that hasn't been published yet, Kramer and his colleagues compared the brain scans of 55 people who were middle-aged and older.
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Any possibility of conflict between personal privacy and the development of technology for brain investigations is an extremely important concept in a free society, and we must take it very seriously and examine it carefully.
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