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bragging rights

The authority and freedom to boast or brag of one's achievements that comes from having won a contest or succeeded in some way, especially against a close rival. The game matters little to either team's statistics, but it will ensure bragging rights for the rest of the year.
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brag about (someone or something)

To boast about someone or something, perhaps to an excessive or unwarranted degree. I can't stand being around Marcus ever since his company became such a massive success. The guy just can't stop bragging about it! You're my daughter, and you have such good grades—of course I'm going to brag about you!
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brag about someone or something

to boast about someone or something; to talk proudly about someone or something. He bragged about how selfish he was. Jill brags a lot about her kids.
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bragging rights

If a person or an organization has bragging rights, they have a reason to be proud. Colleges want to compete for the most talented kids if only for bragging rights. Being acknowledged by a rock band carries certain bragging rights.
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What's great is that you haven't kissed or slept with a girl just so you can brag about it.
On one of his many Web sites, Snoop Dogg brags about ``blurring the line between reality and fiction,'' and that appears to be the problem afflicting his corporate sponsors and the public who buy their products.
Gainesville brags that it was honored by Money magazine as the 1995 ``Most Liveable City in America.
She always brags about him and tries to make me jealous because I'm not going out with anyone.
If she continues to brag and it makes you uncomfortable, then let her know.
The singer, 23, used to brag about being a virgin, but in her new TV show - which starts on E4 next Thursday - she confessed to a huge appetite for making love to 26-year-old husband Kevin Federline.