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bragging rights

The authority and freedom to boast or brag of one's achievements that comes from having won a contest or succeeded in some way, especially against a close rival. The game matters little to either team's statistics, but it will ensure bragging rights for the rest of the year.
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brag about (someone or something)

To boast about someone or something, perhaps to an excessive or unwarranted degree. I can't stand being around Marcus ever since his company became such a massive success. The guy just can't stop bragging about it! You're my daughter, and you have such good grades—of course I'm going to brag about you!
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brag about someone or something

to boast about someone or something; to talk proudly about someone or something. He bragged about how selfish he was. Jill brags a lot about her kids.
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bragging rights

If a person or an organization has bragging rights, they have a reason to be proud. Colleges want to compete for the most talented kids if only for bragging rights. Being acknowledged by a rock band carries certain bragging rights.
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Totally Bragging Productions produces “Total Bragging Rights,” a new web series featuring two best friends competing at a number of fun, contestant-generated challenges.
It is the objective of this work to discuss the relevance of bragging rights to tourism management and marketing.
He explains Holmes's bragging about "the project's certain success and his impending stardom" as merely behaving "in character.
Well, I want to spend a little time bragging in this column, not about my accomplishments, but about the accomplishments of the American Camping Association this fall.
The points went to Dem Lads as they secured the bragging rights with an 11-7 win.
career erbies BRAGGING "Hearts have bragging rights for a lot of things - 22 games in a row unbeaten, 110 years since Hibs won the Cup, and that's where a lot of the fear comes from.
Each episode of “Total Bragging Rights” features a new set of two best friends who compete against one another in competitive, contestant-generated challenges.
SIR - The bragging letter from councillor Phil Bevan, cabinet member for education (Nov 18), is typical - Plaid Cymru says don't look at what I've done but listen to what I say.
CHILD killer Jon Venables is splashing out on grooming products after bragging that he has a girlfriend waiting for him outside prison.
And winger McGinn hopes the Parkhead duo will have the bragging rights when they meet up with the national team.
The woman, with a small child in a pushchair, was bragging about a night out she had the previous week.
It's a big derby game and everybody wants to have the bragging rights.
BRAGGING J Philpott on show Philpott had another four biological children with Lisa.