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brag about (someone or something)

To boast about someone or something, perhaps to an excessive or unwarranted degree. I can't stand being around Marcus ever since his company became such a massive success. The guy just can't stop bragging about it! You're my daughter, and you have such good grades—of course I'm going to brag about you!
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brag on (someone or oneself)

To boast or speak proudly about one's or another person's abilities or accomplishments, perhaps to an excessive or unwarranted degree. You're my daughter, and you are at the top of your class—of course I'm going to brag about you! Our manager always makes a point of bragging on himself whenever one of the directors of the company is in.
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bragging rights

The authority and freedom to boast or brag of one's achievements that comes from having won a contest or succeeded in some way, especially against a close rival. The game matters little to either team's statistics, but it will ensure bragging rights for the rest of the year.
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brag about someone or something

to boast about someone or something; to talk proudly about someone or something. He bragged about how selfish he was. Jill brags a lot about her kids.
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bragging rights

If a person or an organization has bragging rights, they have a reason to be proud. Colleges want to compete for the most talented kids if only for bragging rights. Being acknowledged by a rock band carries certain bragging rights.
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(For example, after you've bragged about something, you'll feel in control of your work for the rest of the afternoon!) And finally, bragging produces an optimistic view about the future.
This participant felt "smarmy," as though she were "bragging." These were her feelings, but those feelings did not necessarily reflect reality.
Each episode of “Total Bragging Rights” features a new set of best friends who compete against one another in competitive, contestant-generated challenges.
Keywords: bragging rights, destination choice, leisure tourism, conspicuous consumption status consumption, cool consumption
Summary: A Saudi man has been arrested for bragging about his sexual exploits on a television program devoted to controversial topics, a local newspaper reported Thursday.
Adnan Ghalib has been bragging the 26-year-old has "a baby Brummie in her tummy".
Lord West was accused of bragging after saying there had been a "dramatic improvement" in the UK's security since the Prime Minister took over in June.
Black-and-white photographs illustrate true tales of success and "bragging rights" lists filled with points such as how Albuquerque Metro ranks #1 in manufacturing productivity (as cited by Area Development Magazine, February 2004).
The October 29 supplement on sports, called Play, featured an inside-back cover ad for itself, bragging that Play won the Best Magazine Launch of the Year from min, "The Media Industry Newsletter."
Who hasn't grown up hearing bragging in school hallways about killer parties, flirting with older guys, or getting cigarettes and liquor with ease?
Consider finding, recognizing, tracking, photographing, and bragging about your local trees while they exist.
Newcastle captain Alan Shearer was relieved to have claimed "bragging rights" in the north east with a victory over bitter rivals Sunderland that eases the pressure on manager Graeme Souness.
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has acted confident in the face of a possible referendum on his rule, bragging to the international press that he is ready to win.
Legendary baseball player Dizzy Dean once said, "It ain't bragging if you can prove it." Three years into his tenure, Brown has proved he wasn't bragging.