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brag about (someone or something)

To boast about someone or something, perhaps to an excessive or unwarranted degree. I can't stand being around Marcus ever since his company became such a massive success. The guy just can't stop bragging about it! You're my daughter, and you have such good grades—of course I'm going to brag about you!
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brag on (someone or oneself)

To boast or speak proudly about one's or another person's abilities or accomplishments, perhaps to an excessive or unwarranted degree. You're my daughter, and you are at the top of your class—of course I'm going to brag about you! Our manager always makes a point of bragging on himself whenever one of the directors of the company is in.
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bragging rights

The authority and freedom to boast or brag of one's achievements that comes from having won a contest or succeeded in some way, especially against a close rival. The game matters little to either team's statistics, but it will ensure bragging rights for the rest of the year.
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brag about someone or something

to boast about someone or something; to talk proudly about someone or something. He bragged about how selfish he was. Jill brags a lot about her kids.
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bragging rights

If a person or an organization has bragging rights, they have a reason to be proud. Colleges want to compete for the most talented kids if only for bragging rights. Being acknowledged by a rock band carries certain bragging rights.
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Witnessing many cases of neglect over the years, Bragger said the reasons behind mistreatment range from people relocating without their dogs, to people buying puppies without realising that they will grow into large dogs that need training.
Data regarding periapical involment suggested that our findings are similar to Goodacre et al8 (11%) but are greater than Bragger et al.14 This difference was due to over preparations/ wrong prepa- rations of the abutments.
Valerie Sessa and Jennifer Bragger, both from Montclair State University, challenge us to look at Performance Management through the lens of a committed gardener: We don't just need to adjust the organization; as HR professionals we need to adjust our own attitudes regarding the care and ongoing nurturance of performance management systems.
| GREAT SUPPORT: Hollybank mascot Holly Bear with fundraiser Suzanne Barton, M&S manager Matt Robinson and staff Sarah Bragger, Tracey Howroyd and Avril Leeming at M&S Waterloo (JH150513Cholly-01)
She was accused of involvement in the preparation of the program, openly coordinating with the bragger on a satellite channel, and advertising the episode on the Internet to attract a large number of viewers.
He is a compulsive bragger, who brags about his fishing and hunting exploits.
She, too, is a product of her environment, the daughter of the phenomenal TJ (Tommy) Smith, who came from nothing, starting with his bush horse Bragger, to become champion trainer of New South Wales a scarcely credible 33 years in a row.
He recently was awarded the Bragger, my own invention for anyone who has a South Bank Show about them.
Magistrate Roger Bragger said local people were furious at the graffiti, which appeared in the run-up to Armistice Day and said: "This will bring home to this lad just how horrified people are.
Another cruelly replied that Mike lacked Bill's charisma but that like the former American president, he was a bit of a bragger.
"He's not a bragger; most people are stuck on themselves, and he wasn't that way," Morton said.
But, what if that humble bragger, #blessed hashtag user, yoga pose picture-taker, is a friend that you know and love?
Love you loads, Your son Paul xx BRADY PAUL JAMES Happy Father's Day To The Best Dad in the world, Love your princess Ava xx BRAGGER GERRARD To my wonderful husband Have the best Father's day ever Love your wife Jean xx BRAGGER GERRARD Happy Father's day to the bestest Dad in the world love your daughter Jeanette xx BRAGGER GERRARD To Grandad Happy Father's day, have a great day love your grandson Jack x x BREEN RICKY Grandad Happy Father's Day grandad.
Fruision senior scientist Dr Judy Bragger said Kiwi plants are exposed to more ultraviolet radiation than those growing at a similar latitude in Europe of North America, and this caused them to produce more secondary metabolites - organic compounds that are not directly involved in the normal plant growth.