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How I'd love to be that boy once more, boy oh boy if I only could!
Fans Sheila, Sue and Karen Callaghan told The Chronicle: "We knew he would bring a storm when he announced he was coming to Chester and boy oh boy he didn't disappoint!
Our guides are both spider rigging and slip bobber fishing with live bait and boy oh boy are they catching them.
Boy oh boy, the Scottish Government's plan to ban the smacking of children really has got some danders up.
"I think to myself, 'boy oh boy, do it in the right order.
It's a movie both mawkish and whimsical - you'll need a strong stomach for over-cooked corn - but, boy oh boy, does it deliver in the last 40 minutes or so.
It's a movie both mawkish and whimsical but, boy oh boy, does it deliver in the last 40 minutes or so.
Literacy is at the heart of these expectations in the way I ask students to present their writing and boy oh boy do they respond in the way Didau outlines.
On April 10, Samsung showcased the new device and boy oh boy it has some smart features.
One viewer said: "Vegan condoms oh boy oh boy oh boy"
The terror plot and a strand involving secret courts may make it topical but, boy oh boy, a story that hinges on a point of legalese is every bit as dreary as it sounds.
Catwalk trends included Palette Cleanser, Gothic Tailoring, Chunky Knit, Skirt Silhouette, Mixed Print, Varsity, Boy Oh Boy and Punk Rebellion.
I was not so sure of Robinson either, I expected him to be the foolish boyfriend without a clue on how to act but boy oh boy was I wrong again.
And, boy oh boy, did the defendants benefit from the theft!