boxed up

box up

1. Of a person, to force to be in a small or confining space. A noun can be used between "box" and "up" or after "up." Now that Jenny is off at college, can I move into her bedroom? I'm sick of being boxed up in my tiny room. I always take the stairs because I hate boxing myself up in an elevator.
2. To pack objects into a box. A noun can be used between "box" and "up" or after "up." I am in the process of boxing up my entire house for a cross-country move. Please be careful when you box those dishes up.
See also: box, up

boxed (up)

1. mod. alcohol or drug intoxicated. I am way boxed, and I feel sick.
2. mod. in jail. Pat was boxed up for two days till we got bond money.
See also: box, up
References in classic literature ?
For if he escape not at night we shall come on him in daytime, boxed up and at our mercy.
com, the revamped web portal is a vibrant showcase of everything All Boxed Up has to offer.
Labeled by All Boxed Up representatives as a "Kids Playhouse on Steroids," this playhouse is double wall corrugated and is said to, according to All Boxed Up executives, last 2-3 times longer than similar products.
All Boxed Up, LLC 1200 Lakeside Parkway Suite 425 Flower Mound, TX (972) 539-6400
All Boxed Up is a moving and shipping supply company located in Flower Mound, TX.