box (one's) ears

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box (one's) ears

To hit someone. This now-outdated phrase is usually said as a vague threat. The next time you borrow my car without my permission, I'll box your ears!
See also: box, ear

box somebody’s ˈears


give somebody a box on the ˈears

(old-fashioned) hit somebody with your hand on the side of their head as a punishment: If you do that one more time I’ll box your ears, boy!
See also: box, ear
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Nineteen or not, I think I'd box his ears for being such an embarrassment.
Mr Ashley said: "I would love to get him in a boxing ring with a pair of heavyweight gloves on and box his ears.
I bet I wasn't the only one on my sleepy street jolted from bed by his invective, nor was I alone in wishing I had the energy to march downstairs and box his ears, especially since he was one of thousands of Euro-brats here on vacation with the express purpose of drinking themselves stupid on the cheap.
For the record, Berto would box his ears off, but we'll just have to wait and see if it ever happens.
She knew if I'd found out about the way he was disrespecting her, I would box his ears.
Brett Flournoy, undefeated light-middleweight: "De La Hoya is a good bet, but Mayweather will box his ears off.
Stepping down before the next General Election, Blair knows we will never get the chance to ballot box his ears once and for all.
McCullough knows when USC plays host to Cal at the Coliseum, the last thing he wants is to give Ward a chance to verbally box his ears with a Golden Bears victory.
If Khan can box his ears off and knock the guy out, it would be a tremendous, stand-out performance.
Mick, 56, who kicked off the European leg of the Forty Licks World tour in Munich earlier this week, said: "I read about the party in the papers but I not going to box his ears for that.