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Meanwhile, unaware of the scientific work, Kimura had become intrigued by low-pitched tones that she could hear while doing a certain bowing exercise.
Bowing is a statement that in this practice, the self is not the star of the show.
Some eucharistic ministers and lectors seemed to be bowing constantly, others occasionally, all differently.
For example, bowing has become nearly extinct during U.
It became clear that bowing conveyed respect toward the person who received the bow.
Bowing when the Incarnation is recalled is a sign and reinforcement of that respect.
Now get this, the riser itself was bowing to the left--buckling--every time I drew the string and then springing back when I released the string.
While pagan Rome expressed reverence with the hand over the mouth and a turn of the body, it was the East that introduced bowing and prostration.
In the Eastern church kneeling continues to be a sign of penitence and is far less common than bowing or prostration as signs of deep reverence.
Obviously these rules are totally lost on the first-time visitor, yet you find yourself returning the gesture and bowing anyway.