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Monte Cristo bowed, in sign that he accepted the proffered honor; Danglars rang and was answered by a servant in a showy livery.
Some of us bowed from the waist; others tried out a perfunctory head nod.
My friend Carolyn said that when she bowed from the waist, her nose just about ended up in the cup.
Hours later we managed to bow our way to the check-in desk, where the man behind the counter bowed and I bowed back.
Somehow we bowed our way to the lift where a woman standing next to the door bowed and pointed out where I should enter, just in case I hadn't encountered a door before.
Today, there are five basic families of rollers: bowed rolls, expander stretcher rolls, grooved metal rollers, rubber idler rollers, and angle-grooved, soft-rubber idler rolls.
One of the oldest types of spreader roller is the bowed roller (see Fig.
The major benefit of the bowed roller, users say, is that the roller "crown" or skew can be adjusted while the line is running to shift the orientation of the web as it passes over the roller.
Although a few researchers ahve studied this question during the past century, what happens when a violin string is bowed is still mysterious.