bow to demands

bow to (one's) demands

To submit to or accept another person's demands. You need to grow a spine. You can't just bow to your boss's demands every time!
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bow to someone's demands

Fig. to yield to someone's demands; to agree to do something that someone has requested. In the end, they had to bow to our demands. We refused to bow to their demands that we abandon the project.
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But Pulis isn't one to bow to demands from the stands.
No doubt, that is one aspect of Qatar's refusal to bow to demands by the UAE-Saudi-led alliance that it radically alter its foreign and security policies that embraces political change for others and align them with those of others in the region.
He again refused to bow to demands for a free vote yesterday, instead merely delivering an impassioned critique of David Cameron's case for attacking Islamic State (IS) in its heartlands.
Following the meeting, Zarif said in a press statement that talks with President al-Assad were good and focused on solving the crisis in Syriaae adding that it is time for other players and our neighbors to care about the facts, bow to demands of the Syrian people and work for combating terrorism, extremism and sectarianism.
But Sepp Blatter insisted he will not bow to demands from the FA and UEFA president Michael Platini and publish the full report into the bids, compiled by US lawyer Michael Garcia.
He should no longer bow to demands of egotistic politicians of Lakes state who always want to feed on anarchy of our state.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Qatar will not bow to demands from three Persian Gulf states to alter its foreign policy, sources close to its government said, suggesting Doha is unlikely to abandon support for Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood and Syrian militants.
Shura Council financial and economic affairs committee chairman Khalid Al Maskati said that legislators would not bow to demands for their removal from the talks.
But ministers have so far refused to bow to demands to review the present system of self-regulation for pub companies.
Thousands took to the streets in the summer of 2011, forcing Singh to bow to demands to create a powerful ombudsman's post.
But Western diplomats have dismissed this as an Iranian "charm offensive" without substance and an apparent attempt by Tehran to buy time, while it refuses to bow to demands to halt sensitive uranium enrichment.
Libyan representatives are ready to hold more talks with the United States and with rebels hoping to push Muammar Gaddafi from power, but Gaddafi will not bow to demands he quit, a government spokesman said.
The Welsh Rugby Union, which has a deal with Wales' four regions for the release of players, has refused to bow to demands from PRL for compensation and it seems the IRB is powerless to act.
Jean Kahwagi not to bow to demands from the new Parliament majority to name candidates from the army.
The events come a day after the UN refused to bow to demands by Laurent Gbagbo, the incumbent president, to pull its troops out of the country.