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President Mahinda Rajapaksa yesterday reiterated that the government will not bow down to any pressure and is not prepared to reverse the ongoing efforts to build the country under any circumstances.
For sharing the pages with such grim tales are characters that refuse to bow down to social prejudices, despite undergoing the greatest torment.
However, I assure you that Syria will not bow down and that it will continue to resist the pressure being imposed on it.
The policemen replied, 'It is forbidden to bow down, and we are just doing our job.
MY book Open Season, the story of Neil Lennon's year of living dangerously, refusing to bow down before bullets, bombs and bigotry, will be out later this week.
Our state will never bow down to intimidations, blackmails or violence.
Elin Jones should bow down gracefully from her vendetta and let the first minister Carwyn Jones make fair genuine decisions.
I put my bow down and jumped up and down like a little girl at Christmas yelling, "YES
Summary: Islamabad, May 30, 2010, SPA-- Pakistan&'s Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani on Saturday vowed not to bow down to extremism and terrorism and to launch a military operation at any place that served as a safe haven for such elements.
KATHMANDU, April 30 -- Two major ruling coalition partners - the Nepali Congress and the CPN (UML) - have asked Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal not to bow down to the main opposition UCPN (Maoist)'s nationwide May 1 protest.
He explains: "It's just before 10pm here in Brussels with me refusing to bow down to pressure and put my watch forward an hour to synchronise with European time.
I remember marveling at how light the pressure was to move the throttles just before removing my hand from them briefly to add more trim tab to keep the bow down.
Any contemporary pro rider who does not bow down to Danny Bearer's memory is a total idiot.
Why does the education system bow down to these pupils?
In the huge images, printed on handmade Japanese paper using ancient techniques the artist refuses to divulge, pachyderms bow down to children, while not far away a weathered Namibian woman, her grandchild and a lynx embrace.