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(it's) (a)bout time

An expression used to emphasize that something should have occurred a long time ago. Well, about time you got here—I've been waiting for over an hour! It's about time that high schools taught their students about basic banking and finance. A: "Tom finally moved out of his parents' house." B: "Bout time! He's 40 years old."
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how about

1. A phrase used before a suggestion. How about Chinese for dinner? How about you turn off the TV and go to bed early for once?
2. A phrase used before a comment that seeks the listener's feedback. How about that game last night? So exciting!
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How about a lift?

A request for a ride, as in one's car. If you're going to that part of town, how about a lift? I'll give you money for gas.
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How about you?

A phrase used to extend a previously-asked question to someone else. A: "How've you been, Ted?" B: "Oh, I've been fine. How about you?" OK, one coffee, and how about you, Miss?
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How 'bout them apples?

1. A phrase used to draw attention to one's cleverness or superiority to the one being addressed, especially after a recent triumph. You remember how you said I would never get into law school? Well now I'm valedictorian. How 'bout them apples?
2. That is surprising and/or disappointing. McCloskey's is closing after 41 years in business. How 'bout them apples?
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sorry about that

Glib or lighthearted recognition of some mistake one has made, regardless of how serious (or not) the mistake may be. Sometimes expressed more colloquially as "sorry 'bout that." A: "Oops, sorry about that. I didn't realize you were still using this computer." B: "Oh, don't worry about it. I'll just log in on a different one." A: "You ruined my entire batch of brownies!" B: "Oh yeah, sorry 'bout that. I needed the oven, though, so I just took them out."
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How about you?

What do you think?; What is your choice?; What about you? Bob: How are you, Bill? Bill: I'm okay. How about you? Bob: Fine, fine. Let's do lunch sometime. Waiter: Can I take your order? Bill: I'll have the chef's salad and ice tea. Waiter (turning to Sue): How about you? Sue: I'll have the same.
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How bout them apples?

 and How do you like them apples?
Rur. What do you think of that? (Often used to express admiration, as in the first example; bout is short for about.) Tom: I got first prize! Mary: Well! How bout them apples? Joe got a job as a newspaper reporter. How do you like them apples?
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sorry about that

 and sorry 'bout that
sorry; whoops. (A gross understatement, said more as a self-deprecating joke than as an apology.) You spill hot cocoa on my coat, and all you can say is "Sorry 'about that"? When the passenger stepped on my toe, she said, "sorry about that."
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how about

What is your thought, feeling, or desire concerning. For example, How about a cup of tea? or How about joining us for lunch? It is also put as how about it, as in How about it? Do you want to come along? [Mid-1800s] Also see what about.
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(a)bout it

mod. ready; knowledgeable; cool. (Black.) Sam is smart. He’s really about it.

bout it

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sorry about that

and sorry ’bout that
interj. sorry; whoops. (A gross understatement, said more as a self-deprecating joke than as an apology.) When the passenger stepped on my toe, she said, “Sorry about that.”
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sorry ’bout that

See also: sorry, that
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how about

1. Used to make a suggestion or to offer something: How about a cup of tea?
2. Used to request an opinion about something considered remarkable or impressive: How about that storm last night?
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