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They sped forward with a bound, and for awhile it seemed to Umslopogaas as though they stood side by side, only the bull grew nearer and nearer.
The victim finally arrived, bound to the tail of a cart, and when he had been hoisted upon the platform, where he could be seen from all points of the Place, bound with cords and straps upon the wheel of the pillory, a prodigious hoot, mingled with laughter and acclamations, burst forth upon the Place.
He had allowed himself to be led, pushed, carried, lifted, bound, and bound again.
But bound as he was, his glance was powerless to drive away those flies which were stinging his wound.
He said, "that as for sending me bound, his brother knew it was impossible; that, although I had deprived him of his fleet, yet he owed great obligations to me for many good offices I had done him in making the peace.
I took leave of my wife, and boy and girl, with tears on both sides, and went on board the Adventure, a merchant ship of three hundred tons, bound for Surat, captain John Nicholas, of Liverpool, commander.
The itching rapidly extended to other parts of his body--it was torture, and his hands were bound securely at his back!
Then he was overwhelmed by numbers, and a few minutes later, bound and guarded, he was carried to The Sheik's tent.
In The Sheik's tent The Sheik rose at last, and, pointing toward the bound captive, turned to one of his lieutenants.
Tantor wrapped his trunk about the body of Korak and the stake to which it was bound, and tore it from the ground.
When Stephanie Bounds says she drew the short straw, she's not speaking metaphorically.
normative: numerical bounds have many underappreciated practical and
Case studies compute the confidence bounds for testing data on a molecular cancer therapy, a therapeutic window, a minimum effective drug dose, and nursing vascular risk assessments.
In general, weaker bounds belong to the following two simple families [[mu].
Dad-of-three David Bounds, of Merthyr Tydfil, was found slumped over his desk in his cell, wearing only Cardiff Blues shorts and underwear.