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bounden duty

old-fashioned Some duty or task one feels obligated to perform or undertake. She considered it her bounden duty to expose the corruption in her company. The president said in his address that the country has a bounden duty to help other nations in need.
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a bounden duty

a responsibility regarded by yourself or others as obligatory.
Bounden as the past participle of bind is now archaic in all contexts and is seldom found except in this phrase.
See also: bounden, duty
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Ned, being in college, of course put on all the airs which freshmen think it their bounden duty to assume.
To an anomalous species of terror I found him a bounden slave.
After re-writing it throughout, it was regarded as the bounden duty of the historian to set himself to work immediately in correcting, from his own private knowledge and experience, the traditions of the day concerning the epoch at which he had originally lived.
He had heard that Sir Felix had left College with the character of being little better than a revolutionist in politics and an infidel in religion, and he arrived conscientiously at the conclusion that it was his bounden duty to summon the lord of the manor to hear sound views enunciated in the parish church.
Weller, on a hasty consideration of all the circumstances of the case, considered it her bounden duty to become gradually hysterical.
If after all these have been done, a State is still unable to procure sufficient funds to meet its needs in respect of the functions vested in it, other than those specified in the national objectives, it would be the bounden duty of the Federal Government, after it has satisfied itself, through appropriate channels, that the State has scrupulously fulfilled the criterion of Deed, to come to the aid of such State.
The history of the communal riots in India vindicates that the state which has the bounden duty to protect the life and property of the citizen often miserably failed in fulfilling its responsibility and in some cases it tacitly supported the riots planned and implemented by the supporters of the party in power.
It is this factual context and concrete situation that the constitutional and bounden duty, not only of the whole Court as an institution but also for each and every individual honorable member of this Court, to exercise judicial review to check on abuse of power, protect and defend freedoms and liberties, and breathe life, guidance and inspiration to its role as a supposed last bastion of democracy instead of allowing it to be an empty shibboleth to the delight and pleasure of fleeting tyrants of any time,' the NUPL said.
IANS New Delhi A day after four senior-most judges of the Supreme Court went public with their differences with Chief Justice Dipak Misra, senior BJP leader Yashwant Sinha said it is"our bounden duty to take note of what the judges have said and raise our voice for corrective action".
Senior BJP leader and former minister Yashwant Sinha said on Saturday said it was "our bounden duty to take note of what the judges have said and raise our voice for corrective action".
It is bounden duty of the government to provide free healthcare facilities but importance of public-private partnership cannot be denied,' the state minister pointed out.
Rajasingham said that the Chief Priest said "now it has borne on us that, we really miss our Tamil brethren and we now consider it is our bounden duty to give a helping hand to them and create opportunities for them to lead a peaceful and contended life in the country.
It is therefore, the bounden duty of the nation to ensure that the blood spilled by the soldier as also his contribution to the national cause is given its due acknowledgement.
Taxonomists added the "a" to make it a little bit more Latin-y (as is their bounden duty) but - fun fact - ysbryda is believed to be the first ever species name to be taken from the Welsh language.
And in a democracy, it is the bounden duty of politicians to obey the majority opinion of the whole electorate, not just the lucky minority with a university degree.