bound up with

bind up with (something)

1. To wrap someone or something in something. A noun or pronoun is used before or after "up." I need to bind up my foot with a bandage to try to reduce the swelling. The nurses applied cream to the burn victim's skin and bound him up with gauze.
2. To join or fasten multiple people or things together with something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "bind" and "up." Bind the books up with this cord—it'll make them easier to carry. They bound the prisoners up with chains so that they couldn't escape.
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bound up with (someone or something)

1. Preoccupied with someone or fully immersed in something. I haven't seen Lily and Dave in a while because they're bound up with their new baby. I'm going to stay late at the office tonight because I'm bound up with researching this case.
2. Linked or connected to something else. Unfortunately, when you have roommates, your mood is bound up with theirs—a miserable roommate can make you miserable too.
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bound up with someone or something

deeply concerned or involved with someone or something. He's so bound up with his work, he has time for nothing else. Andrew is bound up with his girlfriend and has time for no one else.
See also: bound, up
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