bound to do

bound to (be or do something)

Apt or likely to do something. We all thought that Doug was bound to be an artist, so we were very surprised when he became a trader on Wall Street. A: "Do you think it will rain today?" B: "It hasn't rained for weeks, so it's bound to."
See also: bound

bound to do something

certain to do something; destined to do something. Jill's bound to do a good job. We are bound to tell the truth.
See also: bound
References in classic literature ?
But as the admiral's generosity has made me sole heir to everything he possessed, I feel bound to do the fullest justice to the interests of others, however hostile to myself those interests may be.
These are under command, and bound to do every duty required of them connected with the service; such as hunting, trapping, loading and unloading the horses, mounting guard; and, in short, all the drudgery of the camp.