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A score of howling blacks pushed and buffeted the prisoner down the village street and bound him to the post in the centre of the circle of little fires and boiling cooking-pots.
But bound as he was, his glance was powerless to drive away those flies which were stinging his wound.
Then came Bukawai, and at first he could not believe the witness of his own eyes; but when he did and saw that it was indeed the devil-god his rage knew no bounds, for he thought him dead and himself cheated of the revenge he had so long dreamed upon.
Instead, and along with the rest, they were scattered on board sailing ships bound for the four quarters of the globe, where they had been placed by the boarding-house masters, and where they were working out advance money which they had neither seen nor spent.
I ached, besides, in every limb, and the cords that bound me seemed to be of fire.
The ship was bound for the Carolinas; and you must not suppose that I was going to that place merely as an exile.
They made way with foot and hand, kicking and thrusting dragging and shoving, the bound captives to either side of the space which the canoe was to occupy.
Remained awake, as dawn paled the dark, only the grievously wounded or the too-tightly bound, and the decrepit ancient who was not so old as Bashti.
For which reason others endeavour to procure other riches and other property, and rightly, for there are other riches and property in nature; and these are the proper objects of economy: while trade only procures money, not by all means, but by the exchange of it, and for that purpose it is this which it is chiefly employed about, for money is the first principle and the end of trade; nor are there any bounds to be set to what is thereby acquired.
We have now considered that art of money-getting which is not necessary, and have seen in what manner we became in want of it; and also that which is necessary, which is different from it; for that economy which is natural, and whose object is to provide food, is not like this unlimited in its extent, but has its bounds.
On the other hand, as N1less than N2, the low-affinity sites of HSA bound to more amount of zinc ions, which implied that the low-affinity sites(N2) played the dominant role in the binding process .
Then you place the pages to be bound in the spine and place it in the binding machine, the glue is melted, flowing around the pages to be bound.
Today is an important milestone for South Bound Brook as we jointly take another step towards spurring a rebirth of the borough's downtown area," noted Dave Fisher, vice president of governmental affairs for Matzel and Mumford.
78-197, the Service stated that it would treat the proceeds from a charitable contribution followed by a redemption of a donee's stock, under facts similar to Palmer, 62TC 684 (1974), as donor income if the donee is legally bound or can be compelled by the corporation to surrender the shares for redemption.
The final model includes 73 water molecules and one phosphate group bound to the protein.