bounce off (of) (someone or something)

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bounce off (of) (someone or something)

1. Of a thing, to deflect or reflect off of a surface. I caught the rubber ball when it bounced off the wall. The light bouncing off of that mirror is blinding me—can we close the curtains?
2. Of a person, to tell something to someone in order to solicit feedback about it. In this usage, a noun is used between "bounce" and "off." I bounced the idea of becoming an actress off of my friends before discussing it with my parents. Hey, can I bounce something off of you guys?
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bounce something off (of) someone or something

1. Lit. to make something rebound off someone or something. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) She bounced the ball off the wall, turned, and tossed it to Wally. She bounced the ball off of Harry, into the wastebasket.
2. and bounce something off Fig. to try an idea or concept out on someone or a group. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) Let me bounce off this idea, if I may. Can I bounce something off of you people, while you're here?
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bounce off (of something)

to rebound from something. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) The ball bounced off the wall and struck a lamp. It hit the wall and bounced off.
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bounce off

1. To cause something to rebound from something: She bounced the tennis ball off the wall.
2. To rebound from something or someone: The basketball hit the rim and bounced off.
3. To present some idea or thought to someone for comment or approval: I have been thinking about what we should do next, so let me bounce a few ideas off you.
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bounce something off (of) someone

tv. to try out an idea on someone; to get someone’s opinion of an idea. Let me bounce this off of you.
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bounce something off someone

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Insigne was involved once more, surging into the box and drawing a stop from Liverpool goalkeeper Simon Mignolet that bounced off one of his own defenders and presented Younes with a tap-in.
But it was this double dinky thing -- the ball bounced off one and then the other."
The two superstars have bounced off one another for the past nine years, with Ronaldo stealing the show at Real Madrid and Messi doing to the same at Barcelona.
A miscued header that sends the ball looping bum rap Alex Ferguson in an unexpected direction is known as a cabeza de dimple - the idea being it's as if the ball has bounced off one of the rounded shoulders of a Dimple bottle.
"Their goal was a bit lucky - it's bounced off one of their players and Bird has an easy finish.
Bounced off one tackle early on before horrific collision with Italy's Andrea Masi saw him carried off on a stretcher in the 13th minute
After his solo set, El Far3i bounced off one of Palestine's finest, Boikutt.
Beevers clutched Stephen Gleeson's 20-yarder but Walsall went close again through Alex Nicholls, Manny Smith powered a header just over then Claude Gnapka's shot left David Martin helpless but bounced off one post before hitting the other and agonisingly staying out.
"He was a little frustrated and shoved his bat in the corner, and it knocked around and bounced off one or two other bats and hit the pane of glass," he said.
Matt was a little frustrated and shoved his bat in the corner and it knocked around, bounced off one or two other bats, and then hit the pane of glass.
Spontaneous and scheduled, their zany banter and jokes bounced off one another, on and off stage and at their parties.
There, upon entering, the visitor was met with a hellish cacophony of sounds and voices that bounced off one's body like projectiles, all coming from the most elaborate of the three installations, Clamor, 2006: a gray, ruinlike bunker whose jutting shape evoked the ice floes painted by Caspar David Friedrich as well as Berlin's Mies van der Rohe war memorial.
From a scrum on the visitors' 22, Pratt blazed through a gap, bounced off one defender and then offloaded to second rower Sharpe, who sold a dummy outside and plunged over the line for his fourth (and most valuable) try of the season.
On the next faceoff, Fitchburg won it but the puck bounced off one of its players' skates and onto the stick of Corriveault.