bounce off (of) (someone or something)

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bounce off (of) (someone or something)

1. Of a thing, to deflect or reflect off of a surface. I caught the rubber ball when it bounced off the wall. The light bouncing off of that mirror is blinding me—can we close the curtains?
2. Of a person, to tell something to someone in order to solicit feedback about it. In this usage, a noun is used between "bounce" and "off." I bounced the idea of becoming an actress off of my friends before discussing it with my parents. Hey, can I bounce something off of you guys?
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bounce something off (of) someone or something

1. Lit. to make something rebound off someone or something. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) She bounced the ball off the wall, turned, and tossed it to Wally. She bounced the ball off of Harry, into the wastebasket.
2. and bounce something off Fig. to try an idea or concept out on someone or a group. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) Let me bounce off this idea, if I may. Can I bounce something off of you people, while you're here?
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bounce off (of something)

to rebound from something. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) The ball bounced off the wall and struck a lamp. It hit the wall and bounced off.
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bounce off

1. To cause something to rebound from something: She bounced the tennis ball off the wall.
2. To rebound from something or someone: The basketball hit the rim and bounced off.
3. To present some idea or thought to someone for comment or approval: I have been thinking about what we should do next, so let me bounce a few ideas off you.
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bounce something off (of) someone

tv. to try out an idea on someone; to get someone’s opinion of an idea. Let me bounce this off of you.
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bounce something off someone

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References in classic literature ?
Dowler bounced off the bed as abruptly as an India-rubber ball, and rushing into the front room, arrived at one window just as Mr.
I gave the self-evident answer that I should be a ruined man, upon which he jumped from his chair, reproved me for my habitual levity, which made it impossible for him to discuss any reasonable subject in my presence, and bounced off out of the room to dress for a Masonic meeting.
A VERY stout, puffy man, in buckskins and Hessian boots, with several immense neckcloths that rose almost to his nose, with a red striped waistcoat and an apple green coat with steel buttons almost as large as crown pieces (it was the morning costume of a dandy or blood of those days) was reading the paper by the fire when the two girls entered, and bounced off his arm-chair, and blushed excessively, and hid his entire face almost in his neckcloths at this apparition.
Mrs Varden merely replied that she had no patience with him, and bounced off after the other two.
Intelsat traded as high as $37 last fall, and bounced off lows in the $15 range last month.
Fajardo's jumper bounced off the far side of the rim, to the quick delight of Ginebra fans, but, as if his four MVPs had some sort of magic, the ball hit the square of the backboard.
Raw sugar futures edged higher on Tuesday, boosted by the potential that exports from both Brazil and India may be below earlier expectations while New York cocoa bounced off the prior session's five-week low.
The 35-year-old was completely out of sorts, being bounced off a tackle and dumped on his backside by Blues youngster Owen Lane at one point.
The plane dipped and bounced off the runway before it ascended.
The bizarre shooting saw the bullet travel about 100 yards after it bounced off the animal.
The German GoalControl system awarded a second goal to France against Honduras after Karim Benzema's shot struck a post, rolled along the line bounced off the Honduras keeper into the net, who then clawed it back.
One officer narrowly escaped serious injury when a firebomb hit his hand, but bounced off him and smashed on the ground.
Some of the X-rays produced by these episodes then bounced off gas clouds about thirty to a hundred light years away from the black hole, similar to how the sound from a person's voice can bounce off canyon walls.
They may have bounced off multiple walls and the floor before reaching the microphone.
Summary: Mumbai: The rupee bounced off a near three-week low touched in early trade yesterday after ...