bounce off

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bounce off (of) (someone or something)

1. Of a thing, to deflect or reflect off of a surface. I caught the rubber ball when it bounced off the wall. The light bouncing off of that mirror is blinding me—can we close the curtains?
2. Of a person, to tell something to someone in order to solicit feedback about it. In this usage, a noun comes between "bounce" and "off." I bounced the idea of becoming an actress off of my friends before discussing it with my parents. Hey, can I bounce something off of you guys?
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bounce something off (of) someone or something

1. Lit. to make something rebound off someone or something. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) She bounced the ball off the wall, turned, and tossed it to Wally. She bounced the ball off of Harry, into the wastebasket.
2. and bounce something off Fig. to try an idea or concept out on someone or a group. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) Let me bounce off this idea, if I may. Can I bounce something off of you people, while you're here?
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bounce off (of something)

to rebound from something. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) The ball bounced off the wall and struck a lamp. It hit the wall and bounced off.
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bounce off

1. To cause something to rebound from something: She bounced the tennis ball off the wall.
2. To rebound from something or someone: The basketball hit the rim and bounced off.
3. To present some idea or thought to someone for comment or approval: I have been thinking about what we should do next, so let me bounce a few ideas off you.
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Whether you can see it or not, if it is there, the radio waves can bounce off it.
When microwaves strike the ring, very few bounce off it.
I had more than a little luck at 18 - I hit it a bit left and got a good bounce off the mound to four feet," said Stenson, who had lost two play-offs in the last year.
Summary: Our Forex trading signals continue selling the US dollar against the Canadian dollar, but there are signs that the USDCAD may bounce off of nearby support.
The ray tells the computer how light would bounce off each pixel if the spot were made of a real material.
You can tell by the impish way they bounce off each other, and off the audience.
Although light from the sun isn't polarized, it becomes so when photons bounce off electrons in various parts of a CME.
When sand on the dunes moves--pushed by strong winds or even sandboarders like Beale--the grains rub together and bounce off each other.
Being a voice is a lot more difficult than you think because you don't have any other performers to bounce off against,'' explained Andrews (Princess Fiona's mother).
The leaf's wax-coated microstructures cause rain droplets to bounce off the surface, carrying away with them dust particles and other contaminants.
The sound waves (vibrating energy waves) created by their calls bounce off prey and echo back to the bat.
Saugus missed two extra points, had a punt bounce off one of its defenders and allowed a long punt return